In which we did it for SCIENCE!

CSI: The Experience Singapore will end on the 20th February 2011 at the Science Centre thus we decided to bust in there like investigators and the Nancy Drews were are! Also, for an adult it costs $20 but if you did a package where you get to go to the main Science Centre, it’s $21. I urge you to buy that one. MEANWHILE, we paid $16.80 each! HAH! There’s discounts if you’re a Passion Card member AND if you are a Starhub mobile subscriber.

So no pictures allowed in the main area but before that, you can have a picture taken with your friends. It’s $15 a piece and $20 for 2 if I remember right. I remembered there were six of us and we paid just $10 each anyway cause it looked really good as if you were a cast member of the CSI series. Meanwhile, the area is quite small and HAH! We managed to finish all three cases and ONE bonus one by noon before the crowd came in.

Case 4 is based on a real crime scene in Singapore. You solve it on your own to submit your answers online. Your ticket is your agent number so don’t lose your ticket if you want to join the competition for case 4!

Also if you’ve ever played Phoenix Wright on the NDS, it’s like that. Only in real life. Might I add, the place is really small? Cool but small.

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