From the past to the future!

It started at Raffles Hotel. Well, the group was to meet up with the I Heart Museums people at the bus stop nearby first! The crew and I were to go on a Journey Through Time – A Fantasy Tour by the National Heritage Board. FYI, the next trip is on March 12 and 13! For those interested in it, you can find out more and email/call them here. Make sure you call or email them before 7th March for it!

OK, the intro to this whole thing, I saw the tour tickets being a prize on and then looked at the actual website for this tour and went all, “Heck it. I don’t want to have a chance to win tickets, I so totally want to be on this!”.

Thus the crew signed up for it too because the summary was this:

Join characters Julia and Meng, magically transported from 1914, as they visit our iconic National Monuments and give first-hand accounts of olden day Singapore. The tour, which takes participants to Raffles Hotel, St. Andrew’s Cathedral and the Armenian Church, will focus on the contributions of the Armenian community in Singapore as well as other prominent historical figures. Additional tours will be held on 12 and 13 March as part of Illuminate 175, a special event celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Armenian Church, the oldest church in Singapore. Suitable for children 10 years and above.

Oh heck yes.

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The Story and the Pitch!

Hello everyone! I received something interesting in my email yesterday. Apparently there’s a workshop by a literary agency (!!) in Singapore. More details after the cut but briefly, it’s by Peony Literary Agency. This workshop will be more on pitching and how to snag yourself an agent amongst other things.

Short details: At the Arts House, 10am – 5pm, Friday, 25 February 2011, $40 for registry (includes lunch)

This is going to be an intro to that would lead to their weekend workshops in August. I’d think that would be more extensive (and more expensive[?] since it’ll be TWO days at a conference) but if you can’t go for this Friday one, they’ll have more in the future. Still, this looks promising so check out the main details after the “more” cut. I’m going to be there to attend anyway.

Here’s the copy paste from the email!

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