Download for free!

Yes. You guys probably like to download stuff for free. This time it’s for CHARITY. Ho ho ho. This is for Total Defense Day! Yeah, it passed but their charity drive is still going on until 31 March so you still have time to click. This is a “Click for Charity” with the theme “Home – Keeping It Together”.

OK. COPY PASTA times on how it works.

How “Click For Charity” Works

  • 39 local artistes have come together and lent their voices to a new arrangement of the well-loved NDP song “Home” (which was first written by Dick Lee and sung by Kit Chan in 1998). The group of artistes spans five decades, from 60s to 70s icons Vernon Cornelius and Ramli Sarip to present-day songbirds like Stefanie Sun and JJ Lin.
  • For each person who downloads the “Home” music video from the campaign website, Nexus’ partner organisations will donate $1 to the Community Chest (ComChest)!
  • Each person can download the music video as many times as they wish.
  • The “Home” music video is available for download now and the “Click For Charity drive closes on 31 Mar.

And they, the organizers  hope to raise $300,000 for two ComChest causes (“Dignifying the Lives of the Elderly” & “Keeping Families Together”) through this effort.

So yeah, just go to their link and download the song or rather music video. You can choose low or high res versions. It is that song. The one that goes “This is home truly, as my senses tell me…” etc etc.


You can watch it here. It’s easy cause you don’t need to freaking And that’s it. Oh yeah, for those that have been wondering the chords for Home, it’s C, Em, F, Em, F, Em, Dm, G… repeat bla bla. For me I prefer the original one so yeah, hence the chords. So go forth and click and downloaaad for charity.