Of Book Launches and Readings!

Two books, two different genres and two different places! You get the idea.

The first one is Wolf at the Door by one of our writer friends, Joyce. It’s an ebook so you can buy it only online here. She’s having a book launch/reading party this week too!

Location: The Garden Slug

Date and Time: 14 April, 7.30pm

You can check more details and the map on how to get there on her blog here and to RSVP to her too. It’s an URBAN FANTASY story of werewolves in Singapore, check the book out! TAKE THAT PEOPLE, we have genre writers here.

The next book event is BUBBLE G.U.M.!

That’s the poster that you are not going to see at the event at Ion. Hahahaha. ANYWAY, yes come to our reading/signing.

Location: Orchard Ion’s Prologue bookstore

Date and time: 19 April, 7pm

Ours is young adult science fiction. You can buy the book at the store itself or online here with shipping. It is also stocked at Books Actually! So yes, do come to either of the events and say hello… and buy.

The Ultimate MegaZip Adventure Park Hijinks

This is the ultimate MegaZip Adventure post since if you’ve remembered, I went there before it was officially opened and then just a bit after when it was open but still with troubleshooting (since you couldn’t see in that post back then, they were still fixing up the place), NOW it is finally completed and smooth sailing! For one thing, there are SIGNS! HUZZAH! No more searching for the weird looking lion or wondering if you got to a wrong turn. If you’re taking the tram or express train from Vivocity, drop at Imbiah station!

Ok, before I get to the main bulk of the post including VERY interesting details about the park and pricing, you can check my video out above to see what happens in my summary video! If you don’t want to read the details, just watch the video and skip to bottom with the red text to check the pricing! This time I got invited to check it out by 24Seven and since a LOT of people do ask me about the MegaZip, I said yes.

This is going to be the Ultimate post on it.

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