SDS 3.2 – C’mon N’ Ride It

The other time we went on the tracks, this time we went to one of their stations! Tanjong Pagar Railway Station is going to close on 1st July and then it’ll be up for some renovations or something like that. We’re not sure but it’s to be at least kept the way it is as a historical place. Well, the crew didn’t get to go on the guided tours by the heritage board but we did research on our own and took pictures on our own time!

I wonder if they’re going to renovate the station, will they keep the clock as it is? Frozen in time? It was said to be that it stopped because it was struck by lightning but I’m not sure how accurate that fact is. Kind of like Back to the Future eh?

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Saturday is the day after Friday

Ahhh, lots of events on Saturday, 28 May!

Firstly, there is an Intro to Creative Writing talk/ workshop at the National Library, Multipurpose Room, basement 1, 2pm. It is FREE so come on by if you want to talk or learn more on creative writing and ask questions on it.

Secondly, we have a discussion talk that is FREE too at Spore-Con! That will be from 11am-12pm. It is about Writing Genre Fiction in Singapore! Click the link to know more plus you might be interested in going for some of the tournaments or games at the convention itself.

Yes, we’ll be going to Spore-Con and then to the library! Do come for either though the one at the library will be more on writing while the one at Spore-Con will be more on a discussion of the state of writing genre fiction here.

On the side that is not organized by us, there will also be The Asian Festival of Children’s Content! That is not free though and you have to pay for the conference fees. That will be at the Arts House, just in case you’re heading that direction and wondering what is up with all the people since the Cats of the World exhibition is there too.

Lastly, there is a Superheroes as a social commentary talk at the Esplanade library at 4.30pm by a screenwriting lecturer from the Puttnam School of Film, LASALLE College of the Arts.

What is up with Saturday indeed. Well, I hope to see at least some of you guys at either the library or Spore-Con!

SDS 3.1 – Tomorrow Never Knows

And we’re back for a new season of Sarah Does Singapore! Hurraaaaaay! Since we’re getting back into the groove of things and there are new readers and stuff, this episode is our re-intro episode! Wooooo.

Firstly, if anyone wants to get into the mailing list, you just email with the subject title “SDS mailing list” to  sarah (at) to get on it. This time however, the emails are sent with suggestions of adventures instead of exact dates for some of them and alternate routes for people. The Adventure Crew however will be somewhere on one of the adventures just not with a specific timing in the emails, you usually can ask via email or twitter to know though.

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