SDS 3.1 – Tomorrow Never Knows

And we’re back for a new season of Sarah Does Singapore! Hurraaaaaay! Since we’re getting back into the groove of things and there are new readers and stuff, this episode is our re-intro episode! Wooooo.

Firstly, if anyone wants to get into the mailing list, you just email with the subject title “SDS mailing list” to  sarah (at) to get on it. This time however, the emails are sent with suggestions of adventures instead of exact dates for some of them and alternate routes for people. The Adventure Crew however will be somewhere on one of the adventures just not with a specific timing in the emails, you usually can ask via email or twitter to know though.

Who are the Adventure Crew? We’ve the core team, second team and cameos! The main core team has Raven Silvers, Joelyn Alexandra, Avariel and Mintea! The second team might at times have Tiramisue, 4dPencil etc with cameos from Arrch, visitors and other people. You’ll get to see the cast list for each episode anyway, heh. Basically, we usually have at least most of the main Adventure Crew on each episode cause hey, sometimes we need help in taking pictures for each other!

Speaking of pictures, new equipment for future episodes! I got a GoPro digital hero 3 camera! (If GoPro or anyone wants to sponsor a HD, that would be so cool though.) Lined up, we’re going to have some splashy adventure like the Velocity Urban Attack (or rather hopefully NOT splashy) where one goes through a simpler course than in Ninja Warrior but still pretty exciting and tough nonetheless. I’ve got the helmet strap and head strap for future use too! There’s places like the iFly or even go karting which would be cool to use.

I’ve been asked what was the funniest adventure of them all. Well…

So what can you expect in the future episodes?

More exciting fun and adventuuuure. Somehow, we’re going for more high speed velocity or well, it’s definitely going to be more of the action sort since the weather seems good! And if the weather isn’t, we’ll be going to indoor locations like museums.

Heck, we’re going to the new fancy one at Marina Bay Sands since we won a pair of tickets by posting a on their Facebook wall for their Salvador Dali competition! But first, let us look back on the previous 2 seasons.

I’ve been asked what was the funniest adventure of them all. Well…

It’s the episode at the Science Centre. It’s after all, the Science Centre! We got to do lots of things and play with the exhibits! There was even a toilet of the future there (really, you have to go to see what it actually meant in the exhibits). Hence what we did and played around was very lol-worthy too.

The pissiest one?

The treasure hunt race just cause of the organizing and mostly the end of it with the weird unexperienced sound person. Lastly the one that made some of us realize that “Woaaah, we can do this!” is…

The one when we went into a freaking forest. Well, that’s not under the regular season but it was still an adventure! We used our prior skills and “WHATEVER, LET’S DO THIS!”-ness to pass through it. With that, I’ll give you a teaser picture on what next episode on Sarah Does Singapore is:

Oh yes, all adventures are posted one week after the actual event. Heh, gives more time to gather pictures or videos from others if needed. Well, if you can guess where we headed, good for you! If not, catch it on 30 May… HERE!


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  1. I’m interested to be on the mailing list! Am glad to see SDS back for the 3rd season 🙂

    Let me guess! That’s the entrance to Tanjong Pagar Train Station! I was just there with my family over the weekend :p

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