Harry Potter Party

I am making this post as unassuming as possible because for those who know it… KNOWS IT.

Harry Potter Finale Party in Singapore

Your host: Me (with the crew of Dumbledore’s Army helping out)

Location: Multipurpose room of National Library (it will be called Room of Requirement there)

When: 9 July, 6.30pm-8.30pm

What will happen? Games, quizzes, cake! Discussions and whatnot. Come in house colours or your costumes! It’s a fan event by fans. I’ve got more info coming up with some downloadable coupons and also tutorials on making robes… But I won’t put them up yet.

In the meantime, want to win a trip to LONDON to catch the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows party 2? Well, click on this link here. I’ve asked them, if you win the ticket, you’ll be able to catch the one in London AND make it back in time for the Singapore party.

So… I’ll see you lot there if I see youuuu.