Winter is coming!

A mysterious email (not really) and a yes from me sent a deliveryman to hand this over.

It is a bag of flour.

And it is a clue.

To bake some cookies? NYAHAHAHAH. No. No, it is not although I am tempted to give the bag of flour to be traded for some more cookies.

I received an email from the HBO Asia for the Game of Thrones. Oh my! What’s mysterious is that… Who sent them to contact me? HMM. I will hope to find out in the end if so. Or you know, hopefully one of them will state how they found me!

Still, there is an event but to know more about it, there are 4 pieces of a puzzle to solve. The first was sent out today. I can see that all four puzzle will form something.

Let’s get closer to what the bag of flour is about.

Winter is coming to Singapore soon. In the meantime, some floury snow to keep you occupied. Interesting. Well, I’ll keep the bag of flour with me for now. A game for us attending the Game of Thrones event.

I do quite like games, if you don’t know by now. Also I have noted quite a bit of my friends who received this invitation too… ARE WE TO PIT OURSELVES AGAINST EACH OTHER? GASP!!!


For you win or die!

Meanwhile for those who didn’t receive the invite should check out the Games of Thrones HBO Asia’s facebook. They’ve got competitions and prizes to win there! Or follow them on twitter at @HBOAsia_GOT. This is the first piece of the puzzle, I’ve 3 more pieces till we know the end.

Let’s hope the deliveryman sends me a dragon.

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Well, this is seriously Sarah and that's all you need to know for now.

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