I have no Ferrero Rochers but…

Hey everyone! Remember the last time I went to check students out doing their works for the N.E. mation contest?

Or the time when I did my own little stop motion animation taught by Animagine?

If you didn’t, you can pretty much see the video above. It’s not very long anyway. What am I getting to this?

Wooh! It’s N.E.mation time again! The theme is NS: From Father to Son. I am so not qualified to enter the animation contest itself but what I AM qualified for is the contest to be an N.E.mation ambassador!

The N.E.mation! Ambassador 2011 will fly to DreamWorks USA with the Champion Team in June 2012, get S$500 CASH and a Canon DSLR camera. Total prizes worth more than S$6,000!

Two other finalists will each get a Canon DSLR camera, and the seven shortlisted participants will each get prizes worth S$300 each.

Oh man. The first time when I heard the N.E.mation contest, I was “WOOOOh!” and then I read the details and it was only for those in secondary school. BOO HISS. I merely missed that requirement by a year or so back then. Year after year, I did check out the entries when they were first on TV Mobile (who remembers that?) and then on their websites.

It was pretty simple the first time and as the competition came again yearly, the quality improved like heck since all the schools started to gain more experience in knowing what to do for their students. Like, the amount of time they’d spend to do it and who to contact to teach said students about animation as an external course or enrichment programme before the competitions even started!

So here’s the thing. IF I CAN’T JOIN THE CONTEST ITSELF, it would be COOL if I got to the be the ambassador, non?

In the spirit of animation submissions EVERYWHERE. This is my blog post on the last day of the competition’s submission.

Also, a little video.

Heck, if I’m the N.E. Ambassador, you know I’ll go insane in documenting what the kids are up to. I have Octavius the Octopus to help me too in interviews, after all.

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