Boats. Stupid Boats.

Well, I’ve finally deleted the Straits Times app. It was getting to be a subscribers only thing. It’s not that I don’t want to pay for apps, I just don’t want to pay for something that’s not properly made. Heck, I buy digital comics on Comixology and that’s gorgeous. To those who’re thinking of buying the app, I say hah to you! Not sure if they give a demo for readers to see how it is since I managed to check it out while it was free.

So here is why I think the ST app is sucky (and it still is unless they reupdated everything from the time of this post).

Warning: This is super long because it is that craptastic. I’ll do it in sections instead. Just click on the screenshots to make it bigger, I didn’t want to load it to fill the screen cause it is A LOT of screenshots.

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