SDS 3.24 – My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors

The kick off for Nanowrimo in Singapore was at the multipurpose room of the National Library. Somehow even though it was to be on at 6.30pm, there were a lot of early comers filling up the seats in the front and it didn’t take long for other people to stream in too.

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Nanowrimo Kick off party!

Hello everyone.

YES! Feel free to use the above e-poster and also tell your friends about this.

The kick off party for Nanowrimo in Singapore is on 29 October, 6.30pm at the multipurpose room (basement 1) in the National Library! Writery types, people who like cake and puns and whatnot! Come over to the party (especially if you’re going to the SWF on that day since this event is on 6.30pm which is after a lot of talks there!)

SDS 3.22 – Yellow

Holland Village! At the beginning of this whole series, I wanted to ride the MRT just so I could. Like the whole red/green/purple/grey and now yellow line. The circle line is now complete!

Sort of.

I know there’ll be more stations in the future but for now, the other stations are open.

I was five or six, there abouts when the MRT was first completed. Just the red and green lines. When the green line actually ended at Jurong East and not Joo Koon. In the time when you had to insert a plastic card into the gantry and could collect them cause they were cheap.

Or were they cheap cause the fares were cheap back then? Hmmmmmm!

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SDS 3.21 – Take on Me

I went for the seminar instead of the workshops since I didn’t really need those. So yes, to sum it up, it was fun and super informative! This is also the first time the event is held and from what I heard from the organizer, she might be doing smaller versions, just some of the talks on its own in the future besides just the main event?

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