SDS 3.22 – Yellow

Holland Village! At the beginning of this whole series, I wanted to ride the MRT just so I could. Like the whole red/green/purple/grey and now yellow line. The circle line is now complete!

Sort of.

I know there’ll be more stations in the future but for now, the other stations are open.

I was five or six, there abouts when the MRT was first completed. Just the red and green lines. When the green line actually ended at Jurong East and not Joo Koon. In the time when you had to insert a plastic card into the gantry and could collect them cause they were cheap.

Or were they cheap cause the fares were cheap back then? Hmmmmmm!

This is boring. I mean, those things are boring machines. Athena and Artemis the boring machines! How ironically fun. We’ll see more of them boring machines when there’s going to be a new line too. Not sure what they’ll call it since it’s the town line or something like that and what colour it would be.

You know, when they first built the green and red line, the train stations could be used for bomb shelters. You might notice the bomb shelter sign on them too if you can hunt around for it. I don’t know if the new lines are designed to do that.

Since it’s the opening of the other half of the yellow line which makes it now full circle (HAH!), the underground shops are having deals and some freebies with coupons or whatever. I can’t remember anything of this sort when the lines opened in the 90s. Considering we didn’t have that many underground malls and such, if any celebrations were to be had, it probably was above ground.

Interestingly, at the time of this post… The train line is having fault delays. Prior to the grand opening, they had tests on it to check if it’s ok. Weird, it’s only these few years that the trains are dying with delays and it’s getting reliable in its unreliability. 🙁


Oh trains, you used to be so on time and not so crowded and stuff!

Meanwhile, Roz from 987FM is the emcee for the show at Holland Village station!

Sooooo, with the opening of the new station, there were lots of people like woah! I don’t know how a regular night in the Holland Village area is like but I am sure it wouldn’t be this crowded usually.

Now, in theory that means going to all these places will be easier! As long as the trains run anyway. A lot of the stations are at fun places like near the botanic gardens which had been a pretty difficult place to get to. So hurray for that. Alright, strike taking the MRT on my list. Finally got to attend one train station opening event at least since the next one would be some years away. Now, if only we can check out the boring machines in real life…

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