SDS 3.21 – Take on Me

I went for the seminar instead of the workshops since I didn’t really need those. So yes, to sum it up, it was fun and super informative! This is also the first time the event is held and from what I heard from the organizer, she might be doing smaller versions, just some of the talks on its own in the future besides just the main event?

Alright, there are a variety of speakers. The first was William from Epsilon Mobile and he talked about applications and the business of how Apple and Amazon might work. So far no one does combo selling, like the digital and the hard copy version as a sale together. That’s where his company comes in. Reminds me of how Japanese visual novels are though! The method that is.

The second speaker was Joyce! She’s there doing her impression of being stuck in a box.

Ok no, she’s not.

She was sharing us the do-s and don’t-s in querying for publishers and whatnot!

It’s a stubborn process as always, meanwhile you can buy her book too or check out her other fiction here.

Hey it’s Michele of the National Arts Council! She gave a short talk about literary grants we could apply to them. For the really much dosh given out to write a story, you need to have a track record at least of being someone who really writes a lot and contributes to the society etc.

Interesting fact is that, digital ebooks are considered in the publishing grant so that’s good. It wasn’t before but now digital book stuff are considered under the literary side. If you have questions on the grant though, you can always email them!

Here’s one of the organizers of the event! Luthiea! That’s her online name anyway. Check her webby out for she has online fiction and has links to other writers etc.

Break time and I went to the bazaar.

When I looked up, I saw a big ass fan. It was really huge and I was wondering what brand it was. Anyway, the bazaar was cool since it had snacks, comics and even temporary sparkly tattoo booths.

Lunch was provided if you signed up for the seminar or workshops. Meanwhile, 24 Hours Comics Day was being held in some of the rooms at Goodman Arts Centre. Oh yes, the artists got to get the food too so they weren’t going to starve while they drew their stuff. LET US ENTER…

So, it was a quiet room while everyone drew on… COMPUTERS?! I know it’s usual for us to do Nanowrimo on ipads/phones/computers/etc but I was going ooh cause it seemed everyone brought their laptops and wacom tablets besides their pen and papers! Traditional artforms like watercolours/pencils are there but yeah, I forgot that going digital was available when there were powerpoints for everyone!

Not shown in the picture is a table full of biscuits, tea, coffee and candy.

Lunch time over and it’s time for the rest of the talks! Got to learn more about the comic scene and that really, it goes for everyone that you need to find your own voice in writing. The last panel had the speakers there for a question and answer session.

Alright, goodies! I got a goodie bag which you can see what stuff I had. Bag sponsored by Cold Wear, comics, 14:59 newspaper (this is a good paper for students who like to read/write since it has stories and poetry! It likes to encourage students to show their creativity), Coco magazine, a Green Lantern mini figurine and a brochure from iFly.

Yes, they were a sponsor and had a session where they informed how they got the iFly into Singapore because it really was interesting to know that it was freaking hard to get it done here due to it being the first in Asia and the rules here.

WELP! Let’s see if Luthiea organizes mini talks since those should be good for those who couldn’t attend this seminar!

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