Nanowrimo TGIO Party & The Steampowered Globe book launch!

Yes! Spread the word on our Nanowrimo Thank Goodness It’s Over party and our steampunk book launch! Come along if you’re interested in Nanowrimo (even though it’s ended by then) or if you’ve tried to do it an either succeeded/failed/gone meh and will try another time. You can bring your friends too in case you feel alone but from the previous parties, pretty much everyone become pals with each other very quickly.

On our steampunk anthology book launch, it is titled The Steampowered Globe and available for just $15 at the event!

It’s usually $18++ at Kino and other stores cause they’ll add in GST. Anyway, the first anthology of steampunk short stories by Two Trees and I could probably guess, the first in Singapore too since I have never seen another one like this before.

Bring even more friends and support this book by buying it cause the bulk of the writers are Nanowrimo-ers too!

The stories:

Ascension by Leow Hui Min Annabeth

No, They Dream Of Mechanical Hearts by Claire Cheong

Morrow’s Knight by Viki Chua

Colours by Yuen Xiang Hao

The Morning Glory Incident by Mint Kang

Help! Same Angler Fish’s Been Gawking for Eight Minutes! by Ng Kum Hoon

Captain Bells and the Sovereign State of Discordia by JY Yang

So yes, anyone is free to come. If you know people who like writing or reading, double plus if they like steampunk, they should come. ALSO, the dresscode will be steampunk. Or at least, that is encouraged.

You can wear whatever you want, usually when visiting a library if you don’t have any steampunk attire but really, when else besides conventions can you wear it?

Here, for you own blogs, to retweet or anything like that, the files for the poster in JPG version, PNG version or even GIF version for you to download and post (right click and save file). Plus the text below for you to copy paste!

Nanowrimo TGIO Party & The Steampowered Globe book launch

Location: National Library, Multipurpose room (basement 1)

Date & Time:  3 December 2011, Saturday at 6.30pm

Entry: Free (as always)

Dresscode: Steampunk (if you have any)

PS. If you want the other books available by Two Trees, hit us up an email/comment here and we’ll bring it there for you if you don’t want to buy it from Kinokuniya etc.

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