In which I casually try not to bleed over things

The Little Happy Shop is a little shop of happiness at Holland Village Shopping Mall. With the new station open, it was easy to get there. Well, relatively easy cause it was raining like heck when we were there.





Plus me of course. We were going to attend a rubber stamp making workshop! This is apparently a super popular workshop since the slots get filled fast since it is freaking fun and that really, it’s called The Little Happy Shop, it isn’t that big.

We get a pack of things! The workshop we attended was the BEGINNER’S one. It was $29 at the time of this post and we got tools, materials and the rubber block we would be carving on. Joe (not our Joelyn) from Monster Gallery was our instructor!

From the patterns we got, I chose to do the one of a girl. Here’s Joe showing us step by step to do our stamps with his pattern of a glass of soda.

IN THEORY, it is easy but in reality, I think we all need a lot of practice and I see why he gave us a set of simple vector designs to copy from first.

It is time consuming too and huzzah for our group since he told us that we followed instructions properly and did it quite fast compared to other sessions. I ATTRIBUTE THIS to us being good with instructions and having experience in other artistic endeavours in our previous adventures.

So as we silently carved our pieces, I finished my outline with my pen knife and then started using the scraper. And then I kind of accidentally poked myself on the thumb with it.


How did it start to bleed like woah?!

And then Joe was telling us to be careful with the scraper for it was very sharp (he was checking on the others/carving more details on his stamp to show how it looked like).

Ha… Ha… Haaaa. I pressed my thumb (it was my left hand) to my palm to prevent it from bleeding over my rubber block while saying, “Uh huh, yes okay!” in my super casual way.

So for that moment, I continued casually carving on since everyone was concentrating on their pieces and I really wanted to finish my design in time since I had places to go after that. It stopped of course, it was a small cut like a paper cut after all.

Test print time! Instead of the usual placing the stamp on an inkpad, we press the inkpad onto the stamp itself! It’s not the usual inkpad either, it’s pigment ink of various colours.

I chose pink and we could keep any one colour that was on the table there since it was included for our pack.

Tada! Mine is the pink girl.

So even if the actual stamp looks a bit messy and not so smooth, the bits that needed to be stamped is there! Raven’s ship got windowless since she accidentally cut it off…

Yay! Clockwise from my stamp of a girl is, Avarielle’s ship, Raven’s windowless ship and Jo’s bear on a rocket!

I still had a left over piece of rubber block so I could make another stamp from it. In any case, the Little Happy Shop does sell them in large blocks and other sorts of inks that can be used for various materials like cloth, tiles etc.

This is sooo fun. Since I took the beginner’s workshop, I have the tools to make the stamps on my own now.

There’s an advanced class and it has more funky techniques and more detailing. I’m not going to attend that yet, at least not for this year but I am totally going to practice more on my own and hopefully make a proper set of Assassin’s Creed stamps.

The Little Happy Shop has more classes on other arty fun things to make, just check their facebook to see what they have! Sign up early too cause of limited spaces.

I need more EXP points and rubber blocks to make more stamps. RUBBER BLOOOCKKSSSSS.

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3 thoughts on “In which I casually try not to bleed over things”

  1. I poked myself with the scraper too, but I didn’t bleed! It did kinda hurt though. Maybe yours was extra sharp or you prodded yourself extra hard.

    Also, the lack of windows was not accidental. I was so frustrated I was like “HECK THIS” and scraped them off hahaha

  2. I loved reading your post, thank you all so much for being such a great group! (I am so sorry to hear that you hurt yourself!) btw, rubber blocks are at $7.40 each (it’s 2x what you got at the beginners’), and if you are eyeing any Versa-range of inks, remember to ask for the Rubber Stampers special deal for inks when you buy’em. cheers, Ruth at Happyshop

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