Titanic exhibit at the Arts Science Museum!

My alternate title for this post was “We’re syncing” cause we finally got a time when some of us could go to the exhibit together. Anywho, the last day for the Titanic exhibit would be 29 April 2012. Tickets for just the exhibit costs $24 for adults or $20 if you’re a Singaporean. There are discounts for OCBC card members or well, just check out the official details at the Marina Bay Sand’s Arts Science Museum website for pricing.

When you purchase your ticket, don’t lose it for you’ll have to scan in to enter. Also, make sure you’ve gone through EVERYTHING of the exhibit where your ticket states for once you leave the Arts Science Museum building, you can reenter since it’s not a whole day ticket but just a per entry ticket.

Alright, there’s no photography except for the official photo points so there won’t be much pictures here.

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