Titanic exhibit at the Arts Science Museum!

My alternate title for this post was “We’re syncing” cause we finally got a time when some of us could go to the exhibit together. Anywho, the last day for the Titanic exhibit would be 29 April 2012. Tickets for just the exhibit costs $24 for adults or $20 if you’re a Singaporean. There are discounts for OCBC card members or well, just check out the official details at the Marina Bay Sand’s Arts Science Museum website for pricing.

When you purchase your ticket, don’t lose it for you’ll have to scan in to enter. Also, make sure you’ve gone through EVERYTHING of the exhibit where your ticket states for once you leave the Arts Science Museum building, you can reenter since it’s not a whole day ticket but just a per entry ticket.

Alright, there’s no photography except for the official photo points so there won’t be much pictures here.

Just before you enter the exhibit, the guide/ticket checker person will give you a boarding pass. You can check if the passenger survived at the near end of the exhibit where there is a wall of names. Mine was Kate Buss and oh my goodness. Hers is like a plot for a romance novel. Here’s the details if you can’t read it from the picture:

Kate was leaving her family home in Sittingbourne, England, where she had worked as a grocer’s assistant. She was travelling alone to San Diego, CA, to be married to a longtime sweetheart.

Spoiler alert, she did get to marry him in the end!

The whole exhibit was informative and well, we got our own tour by Avariel cause she’s the Titanic expert of our Adventure Crew. To actually get more pictures and check more of the exhibit details out, click this link to her post since she got official access to it when it opened. I can say that woaaah, it was pretty good and worth your ticket money.

At the end of the Titanic bit and after the guestbook section, you’ll find yourself at Pulau Saigon. I’m not even sure why the exhibit was tacked on there. It’s kinda related in a super non-related way, I guess. Fyi, Pulau Saigon was actually Robertson Quay. And really, I’m not sure why it’s there…

Official pictures! I like to get them even if people might think it’s overpriced or anything. It’s a good souvenir and really, with all our adventures, the pictures add up like a nice album!

I think Avariel told me that the ship in this picture is lol-worthy for if you look closely, it’s actually the Titanic from the movie Titanic. Jack’s near the front with his friend there.

Yep. It’s probably him.

So! I got the package where we took the official picture before the start of our journey aka the one where there’s a fake railing and a ship behind us and the second point where you’re at the lobby for the first class stair case where in the movie Rose met Jack or in reality, it was pretty much the meeting point for people anyway.

FYI, package 1, which was what I took costs $35. Includes those two different photos and the file. Another package would be $25 for just one photo of your choice. There’s another package where you get to have wallet sized copies but whatever, the one with both pictures is the best.

There are other souvenirs at the museum store like a necklace with the Titanic’s coal in a small pendant ($50), the Titanic buttons ($9) or tea cups and replicas for like a hundred and something dollars! Those are real plates and stuff you can use for decoration or for your dining table.

Anyway, the last day is 29 April and now I know why it’s going to end then.


Yes, I’ll be going there of course. Watch out for it.

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