Buying a ukulele in Singapore

This is all you need to know about buying a ukulele in Singapore! Ok, not really all but just enough for you before you buy one! If you’ve read previous posts or adventures, you know I play the ukulele and stuff and since a lot of people have asked me about it. This is what you should know before buying a ukulele!

  • A ukulele is not a guitar

This might sound stupid but yes. Before you buy that ukulele, you need to know it’s not a guitar. It comes with four strings. The tuning is GCEA. The first string when you strum downwards will sound high then it goes low, higher and highest once more. Yes, it is supposed to sound that way. If you want it to sound “guitarish” or more mellow, you can change your G string to a low G string. It’s actually called that, ask for a ukulele low G string.

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