SDS 4.2 – Space Oddity

This cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity seem fitting for this episode of Sarah Does Singapore. It’s from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Milty.

You should watch the movie if you haven’t, it’s about doing things.

To chase after what you want to do or to your goal.

Anyway, I went to the Art Science Museum with my friends and had a ridiculous amount of fun there.

Future World doesn’t have a deadline.

Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder ends on 26 February 2017.

NASA – A Human Adventure ends on 19 March 2017.

Those were the exhibits I went.

I suggest you go in groups of at least 3 people because there are some exhibits where it’s best to have 2 people in a picture and the last can help take pics for you and you guys take turns.

Also, did you know the area around ASM is abundant with pokemon?

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The Collider

The collider

The Arts Science Museum invited me to their press preview of the Collider! This exhibition is until January 5th if I’m right?

Anyway, there are other exhibits at the same time so you can check what ever is on then too.

Without spoilers, if you’re going to Collider, do get a guided tour because you won’t be able to get ‘everything’ by just reading it.

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Really Random Encounters

Detecting metal?

We went to the national museum for the Total Defence 30th anniversary! There were so many cool things to do even before entering the museum.

Like playing with metal detectors and eating army rations or checking out their weaponry.

Unfortunately, by the time you read this, the special exhibition is oveeer.

OH AND BY THE WAY. I AM VERILY GLAD, my two teams in N.E.mation? THEY BOTH GOT INTO TOP THREE. The champion and the 1st runner up but that shall be a different post…

Anyway, Saturday really was random adventures day.

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It’s 30 Years of Total Defence!

National Museum of Singapore

I got invited to the Total Defence media conference the other day and I wondered if I should attend. OBVIOUSLY, I said yes hahahaha. Thanks AsiaPRWerkz for inviting me! Anyway, it’s about this year’s events cause it’s the 30th anniversary of total defence!

This is going to be a LONG post because there IS a lot of exciting things happening.

Tote-ally cool.

I tote-ally liked this bag. A lot of others did too because of the pun. Inside was a nifty file of press releases, postcards and a Happy Feet figurine (you’ll see in the later part of this post).

OH and you might be able to get one of these bags too! Details later below, hahaha.

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Was Noch.

Extended Edition

This was one of the songs performed by Seira Singing Group last April when I went to their concert. I do verily like Scarborough Fair.

ANYWHO, this weekend, the museums will have free entry for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.

Free admissions will be provided to Citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) all year round to the permanent galleries displaying our national collection and selected special exhibitions at the National Museums and Heritage Institutions, to encourage more citizens and PRs to visit our National Museums and Heritage Institutions.

Free admissions will be officially launched on 18 May 2013, in conjunction with NHB’s Children’s Season 2013, as well as International Museum Day, in the following National Museums and Heritage Institutions.

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Burnt Out

Previously… on Seriously Sarah with the Awaken the Dragon mini workshop

The ceramic pieces!

Our pieces are done! And displayed! Wooooh. No, we didn’t do all that. It’s all contributed by everyone who attended the workshops or mini shows or did private group sessions.

Anyway, this will be at the National Museum of Singapore until the 24th March 2013, it’s near the back of the museum, past the shop and it’s free to have a looksee!

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Dragon, wake up!

We’re helping to wake the Dragon up in 2013. You can know more about it on their wordpress here or their Facebook. Once there were at least 20 Dragon Kilns in Singapore, now there are two. And this one will be gone so we’re going to wake the Dragon up before it leaves us forever…

At the moment there are still workshops for YOU (no experience needed) to contribute to this project since they want at least 3000 pieces to fill the dragon and to fire it up. You can even have a private session, as long as you contact them with a small group of friends or people interested to do it with you.

AND THUS, The Adventure Crew managed to get into the slot at the National Museum of Singapore on Saturday afternoon. It’s $15 per person or $25 for adult with child, just check which workshop you want to attend since it might have different prices for different locations if they have drinks provided etc etc.

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N.E.Mation: Escape to New York!

This is the ultimate New York post.

It’s going to be the longest ever cause we packed all these activities in three days before we left the USA.

As usual, to enlarge the photos, click on them.

First, we got ourselves a Metro card which is what they use there for the trains.

A note, some of the machines only take credit cards and it’s pretty annoying that you can only buy the cards or top them up one by one. There’s no multiple purchases like our own machines! Oh well.

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The Story So Far… A teaser

Hey everyone! We’re doing pretty well and the weather’s pretty good! It’s like being in air con but… outside where it is sunny. So far we’ve gone to the Los Angeles County museum of Natural History…

To the Santa Monica pier/bay where the beach looks wonderful and there’s shops and a theme park on it…

And the California Institute of the Arts! We checked out more places but well, you’ll have to check the N.E.Mation facebook wall for the photos we shared to see them as we upload! Catch you later everyone, we’re going to Disney tomorrow! Wooooh!