The Crazy Last Will of Dr. MAD is CRAZY

We didn’t get to solve it in the end even if we had all our answers. Guess why.


Let’s flash back to what happened on Saturday evening, shall we? Yes, we will.

Our session was the one which sold out so it was cool that we bought our tickets early. Saturday, 5.30pm on 29 September 2012 was ours. This episode was held at St James Power House.

The only time we would be in a club is when we would solve puzzles (?!?). So we exchanged our tickets for the bands so we could enter the main game room.

This is how a full house would look like. It was great that the volunteers for the game were all helpful too, showing us our way and making sure we had our seats and stuff. The Real Escape Game people will call out for volunteers on their facebook because really, volunteers are needed at the rate of how big the games are getting with each episode!

A few of my friends were volunteers and they got to BETA the game before it was for all of us. The only catch is that, the game IS freaking exciting and you’d have to keep it to yourself and not give spoilers or discuss how you had/hadn’t escaped until everyone else gets to play a week or so later. Heh, heh.

This time, our crew was me, Joelyn, Raven, Lina, Max and two other lovely ladies from Japan who knew about the game from the website. They were surprised it was in English though since it was a Japanese website that publicized it. (The game came from Japan.)

And so our game begun. Our host was now from “Sue & Sue & Sue Law Firm” and briefed us on the whole story. The INTRO to the whole game was so cool. They upped the production on their video and it was so atmospheric to the game.


What I can/will say is that it set the mood to figure out the puzzles to get the answer in Dr Mad’s will.

And then it all ended there. One hour to solve and we had finished it all in around forty minutes. BUT WE HAD NO IDEA HOW TO OPEN THE PUZZLE BOX. Did we miss a clue? Did we miss something?

HUARGH, TIMES UP AND OF ALL THE EPISODES, we had the most answers this time.

Yes. We even used the correct combination to get the number for the lock, it was confirmed when the answer was revealed… ONLY THAT WE HAD TO YANK THE LOCK A LOT.

Abloo bloo bloo.

Three of us even did it and it was only when we learned it was the correct number, we tried to pull at the thing really really hard to see if it was correct. SADNESS our lock was supremely sticky.


We did enjoy the game a LOT. Even if you hear us going NOOOOOOOOOoooo, it was just that fun to play. The next episode will be about a HAUNTED SHIP held next year SOMEWHERE since the location isn’t confirmed yet.

Naturally, we shall attend once more!

And hopefully escape.

Ps. There was only ONE winning group for our session.

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