The Southern Ridges!

We have finally gone to the Southern Ridges after so long! Weather and other activities thwarted us whenever we wanted to do this. Our cast of adventurers feature: Mintea and Dude, Joelyn, Max and Raven.

Our trail:  From Kent Ridge Park to Marang Trail

Which we had planned to go via: Canopy Walk > Floral Walk > Alexandra Arch > Forest Walk > Hilltop Walk > Henderson Waves > Faber Walk > Marang Trail

You can check out the trails from the NParks website here too. If you want to try out the trails, really check the website out first so you know which path to take.

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Game2Read and the Cat’s Purrzaar

The utterly unimaginative title of this post is pretty much… Well, Game2Read was a quiet affair. It was held at the airy space, The Plaza at the central National Library. It did mean a lot of space to walk around though.

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And so the previous conventions…

For a report on STGCC 2012, I’ve written it here on SGCafe. It’s Japanese centric so here’s just a few other memorable notes. For Andy Diggle’s panel, he says the question is not “How do I get in comic companies but how to get noticed instead”. It’s paraphrasing here and comic writing is more about cutting things out than putting it in since there’s limited pages or text you can have in a comic.

A good exercise is to start writing a story for 20 pages then cut the same story to 10 and then cut it to 5 and then see if you can cut it to 1 page.

So woaaaaaah.

A summary: STGCC was cool and I hope it’ll be even better in 2013 and really. Fix their ticketing system.

Read more on the other panels and stuff from Here Be Geeks!

And then, there was The Games Expo at the Singapore Expo Hall 5 last weekend.

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