Nanowrimo 2012, Singapore Writers Fest and a play?

And here are the details for the Nanowrimo kick-off party 2012!

Location: Bishan Library, level 2, Programme Zone

Time: 4pm-6pm

Date: 27 October 2012, Saturday

Yesss. If you need a pictorial guide to the library from the MRT station, click here. Or if you need a VIDEO of the location, it’s here. It is the day after Hari Raya Haji and it is a fairly transparent place if you check out the pictures. Oh, of course it is free. This year’s unnofficial theme for Singapore s “Do It Yourself” cause we have no monies. Aha ha ha ha ha.

But in a way, teamwork it is!

And this is a video of us to YOU Nanowrimo-ers. Don’t forget to check the threads out on the forums at the main webby here!

Singapore Writers Festival 2012! A lot of our friends and Nanowrimo-ers are featured in the panels this year.

4 November, 4-5pm: Balik Kampung/Ayam Curtain/Fish Eats Lion. FREE at the Pavilion, Campus Green, Singapore Management University. Speculative fiction! Fun stories to read and you can get to know more about the writers too! We’ll be hanging out at the pavilion even as they do the readings and stuff there.

11 November, 2.30pm-3.30pm: Passages – Finding Strength. FREE at Glass Hall, Singapore Arts Museum. My pal Hassan’s in this one. It’s a drama/reality anthologyfor this session.

There will also be a launch of the book, Bedok Reservoir, available at SWF! It is based on a play called Bedok Reservoir and will be performed only on 1st, 2nd and 3rd November!

What is it about?

Inspired by the several consecutive drownings in Bedok Reservoir last year, our story revolves around 3 divers going in search of a missing mother and son in Bedok Reservoir. Upon finding the mother, the divers begin a greater search for the horrific truth that led to her death.

A story about loss, searching and acceptance of one’s own demons, ‘Bedok Reservoir’ is a fascinating play about a dark side of Singapore not openly discussed.

Go check their facebook or website to know more! It’s written by my friend Wesley and it’s his first play at such a setting like this. Buy their tickets since they’re doing it in a semi-kick starter kind of way so support them if you can.

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