24 Hours Comics Day! The briefing…

Singapore’s 24 Hours Comics Day will be held this coming Saturday, 20 October 2012 at Bukit Merah Library. More info on registry, it is on the SG 24 Hour Comics website. If you ever wanted to try 24 hour comics day, you should register and go do it with the other artists!

It’s like the comics equivalent of Nanowrimo only you have to do a comic.

In 24 Hours.


WELL, the atmosphere is fun and everyone else will be rushing to complete their stories too. The library has rented a lot of tables just for this event and it’ll be like an overnight camp with no less games and more drawing!

This is JF, he’s the organizer of this programme here. You can contact him or register on the website for it. By the way, if you want to work with international artists who are doing this too, you can! You’ll have to contact him on the website as soon as possible so he and his team of friends will help you out.

You may be stuck in the library but it will be exciting! There are toilets (Ooooooooooooooh)! There is a pantry with microwaves and water coolers! There is air con!

You can survive in there as you do your comic.

It’s not often or at ALL you get to stay over in a library so go and join these artists too if you have a story you want to complete. Register or check more on their website here.

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