After the kick-off! And other launches

The Nanowrimo kick-off for Singapore was wonderful. With 66 people sigining in, NOT including their parents/children or friends who came with them, they filled up the programme zone of the Bishan Library.

The party was a fun as usual. The cake is not featured here but it was baked by Accidental Presidency. Meanwhile, the pics I have are actually AFTER the main party. People stayed over at the library one hour past the ‘ending’ time and we shoo-ed them out again since we didn’t want the librarians who had to stay back with us get too tired.

Anywho, there’s the TGIO (Thank Goodness It’s Over) party and that’ll be on 1 December 2012, 6.30pm at the central library.

I’d like to say more but heh, I’ll put it in the mass email for Nanowrimo instead. (I might write a more detailed report when the other pictures come in.)


There is the Ayam Curtain launch this Sunday, 4 Nov 4-5pm , at the Pavilion at SMU! Go to the launch and buy the book. A LOT of the Nanowrimo-ers are in the book. More info about it click here!

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