After the kick-off! And other launches

The Nanowrimo kick-off for Singapore was wonderful. With 66 people sigining in, NOT including their parents/children or friends who came with them, they filled up the programme zone of the Bishan Library.

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Happiness at the end of the Nano Kick Off


First up, yes. Our book is published! You can buy it online here. Currently, since it just got printed and all, it will take quite a bit of time before the distributors would distribute the copies into the various bookshops here (may be in the coming weeks). If you’re wanting the book now, then it’s best to just order it online first from Two Trees, the publisher. Quick summary, 8 short stories, set at the end of the world but with happy endings. Press release found when you click on the above links. It’s a very interesting compilation by the way! I’m not saying that just because I’m one of the writers there but because I went “Ooooh!” at the other stories too.

Now onwards to Singapore’s NaNoWriMo kick-off!


Ours was 2pm but we came around 1.30pm YET, the cafe was filled with people. Some of them Nanowrimo-ers too. Uugh, uugh! It was slightly crowded so we hurried and set up our signs, books and goodie bags. We didn’t want the guests to wait too long even when it wasn’t yet our session!

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Book club presents…

Madeline Lee and Suchen Christine Lim as they discuss Synaesthesia.


Friday, 17 July 2009

7pm at The Arts House (1 Old Parliament Lane)

For more info email or to register too.

Short info of the speakers/readers:

MADELEINE LEE, 46, has been an investment manager for 23 years. She has 4 books of poetry, all published by First Fruits Publications: “a single headlamp” (2003) and “fifty three/zero three” (2004), the latter launched with a performed read directed by Krishen Jit. “y grec” is her third book, co-written with Eleanor Wong. Her fourth book “synaesthesia” was published in November 2008. She is currently working on a translation of poetry collection into Chinese.

SUCHEN CHRISTINE LIM is the inaugural recipient of the Singapore Literature Prize for her novel, Fistful of Colours.  Her fourth novel, A Bit of Earth, and a collection of short stories, The Lies That Build A Marriage, were short listed for the same prize. A co-authored play and a children’s book had also received prizes.

If you guys didn’t remember, they read at Polymath & Crust the other time. This event however is brought to you by the Book Council, The Arts House and National Arts Council!


Singapore Writers Festival is LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS! Check this page out to know more on how to get into it. I’m not volunteering since it’s rather difficult to do so when some of us are already part of it. If you have some free time, do it! It’s a good opportunity to get close to invited writers!

In the previous one, I got my friend who owns a comic store to contact them and he brought around Gail Simone and Kurt Busiek around Singapore, LIKE GASP!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I think it’ll be a horrid, horrid idea if I ever were to volunteer since I’d go “OMG GAAAAAASP, IT IS YOUUUUUUU. I LIKESSS YOUR WRITINGS, I DO!” etc etc. So no, I’m sure everyone else will be much calmer and proper.

Do help out or spread the message to your friends if they’re interested!