We got to host the Thank Goodness It’s Over party at the central library’s multipurpose room. It was to start at 6.45pm  but people were early as always.

Around 35 people signed in for this party! Which is good since that was about the amount that RSVP-ed. Yay for that.

However, these are all the contributions of food from our friends in Nanowrimo. It’s a heck load of stuff.The cake and biscotti was home made!

Everyone was pretty much tired by then because Nanowrimo did end on 30 Nov and the party was on 1 Dec. Heh. Prizes, giveaways all that as usual.

And since the library would close at 9pm, we chased everyone out by 830pm and everyone helped to put away the chairs and clean up. In any case, post pary for everyone at McDonald’s! Yes, that was us all pretty much taking up two long table things at level 2.

For more pictures, you can check here. And for a more comprehensive report… You’ll have to sign up Nanowrimo and read the mass email! But I’m sure the pictures pretty much speak for themselves when you look at the album, heh.

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  1. I think that was the first TGIO I didn’t attend. Or maybe I didn’t go in 2010. Sad, sort of, but also happy to see so many there with food and such and especially the library being so involved!

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