Diamond in the Sky

Astro SG had a talk at Toa Payoh Library in the evening. We managed to listen to the talk and it WAS awesome!

This is Gary of Astro SG and he was the one who gave the talk about the 10 celestial wonders you can see from Singapore.

It was a totally fun and easy to remember presentation. I can now tell which stars are what and what is Jupiter and orion’s belt and stuff. Since we’re at the equator or near it, our stars are like, if in northern regions, Orion would be sitting up right but to us, he is leaning backwards.

ANYWAY, lots of cultural references of what stars mean or how it is charted too.

What we learned is that you don’t have to wait for a ‘special’ event to check the stars out. Also that next week would be the peak for the Geminid meteor shower. OOOH. Maybe I will be able to catch it and see.

Gary is really good at teaching us what the planets and stars look like and what they’re made off. Most importantly, he got us fascinated with star gazing.

This is the crowd after the talk. Some Sing Astro people brought over their telescopes for the public to try out. Just a note if you want to look see into a telescope, do NOT touch the eyepiece. All these are expensive equipment too. Well, it’s not that you can’t touch because it’s expensive. It’s more that you should not touch and look at the telescope eyepiece like that because the owners would have helped to point out to the correct direction of the stars.

If you do touch it, even by a little bit, it might have gone off focus to what it is aimed at.

By the way, this telescope is one out of three in the world. It is a PROTOTYPE and we got to see through it. I had a look see and OH MY GOODNESS. You can see JUPITER and its bands. Like how you see it in pictures and all that so woaaaaah.



For future talks, check out their website at Astro SG or their twitter at @AstroSG to know the latest happenings IN SPAAAAAAACE.

PS. The other people are from Sing Astro which you can check out too!

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