Sarah Does… COMIC FIESTA 2012!

This time the Adventure Crew wasn’t in Singapore. We had a trip to Kuala Lumpur for Comic Fiesta last weekend on 22 and 23 Dec! Technically we set off on 21st with Aeroline. It’s really fancy since they do have ‘in flight’ food (their tagline is: The Convenient Way to Fly).

It’s about a 5 hour bus ride and it was really that good. They even had in flight entertainment and ooh, I got hot chocolate too besides our meal.

We dropped off at Corus Hotel where the Aeroline stop is. We crossed over to the other side of KLCC to get to our own hotel, Traders Hotel! It is pretty great. The room was clean and had a pretty cool bath tub combo shower thing. It was just NICE.

No surprise because it’s a Shangri-La hotel. Plus, it was at the end of KLCC where Comic Fiesta was held. You could not get lost getting to the event with the location of this hotel since it’s just there.

ANYWAY. First day in KL and with the help of one of our Adventure Crew’s friend, we were guided to Taman Jaya. Their train system is pretty accessible and they use tokens instead of cards here. WHY TAMAN JAYA?

FOR A&W! YAY! It’s just next to the station. SO CONVENIENT.

There are no A&Ws in Singapore. If ever you see someone being super excited about A&W, chances are they’re from Singapore.

Short trip from Traders, get to the KLCC train station, choose Taman Jaya, get on the train, get off and then you’ll see A&W. TADA.

Anyway first day in KL and we just bought food and chilled. On the second day, it was Comic Fiesta (day 1)! We preordered tickets from Max’s friend so we didn’t have to buy it on site.

We went out to eat breakfast first and this was the line to get into the halls. THANKFULLY since we had our tickets, we got in within 5 minutes. Just go in the priority queue. NYAHAHA.

If you wanna go to CF, try to get the preorder tickets. It was said that tickets sold out in two hours that day so oh maaan.

There’s a lot of different fandoms here compared to SG. Also, the cosplays were very interesting especially for gijinkas.

A ton of merchandise to buy too! Since it was in ringgits and we had saved up at least half a year for the event, we bought a lot of doujinshis and badges and stuff.

Besides buying stuff, we tried the side quest a bit. Raven won this card by rolling a natural 20 since you needed an 18 or above on the dice.

Cosplay competitions was on stage. And ok, if you knew Malay, it helps cause the emcees were funny and really punny.

Also, if you took too long on the stage during the competition, zombies would chase you off the stage.


Have a band performance. The bands for both of the days were pretty good. We don’t get much live bands at cosplay conventions in Singapore. Or at least not that much.

Soon it was good bye to CF. It is such an intense and crowded convention. Did you know, there was also a 3d photo booth by Fujifilm too? Compared to the usual photobooths, they had a lenticular lens printer so it makes it look as if it is 3d. It’s coooool.

Of course we ate at the restaurants in the area too cause heh HALAL FOOD EVERYWHERE. Also, the biggest Kinokuniya in KL is the one near KLCC so we stopped by because it was a thing to do.

Not too much difference than the one at Ngee Ann City but we still bought stuff. Ah ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa.

I had badges from previous cons but I added the new ones to the lanyard too. My friends bought much more at CF.

Farewell KL! Well visit you next year for Comic Fiesta 2013! I have to say, Aeroline is really good and comfy. This is a pit stop before we got back to Singapore. Last minute gum, kueh or trip to the toilet.

This picture is here cause I just think it’s cool. Also, it’s Lina.

And that’s it for this trip. Also super easy for our passports for the Singapore side since we could just slide the page and do our thumbprint thing at the machines.

Ps. If you wanted a more convention centric post, check mine out at SGCafe here.

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