We need YOU to build the Library@Orchard

I totally saw it first. Minus the press the day before since they are press. Also minus the people who are building this. BUT YES! I got to attend the Library@Orchard preview.

This is Jasna from the library telling us more about it. I think y’all are interested in what’s gonna happen but yes. Here you go they ARE VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

Gareth from Singapore Poly explaining to us the new features they want to implement at the new library. The students had interviewed people for two months using qualitative surveys which aka means they asked open ended questions to a heck load of people and got answers from there.

FYI, quantitative is the one where you just tick tick in a survey where the surveyor has answers in mind and want you to tick stuff yes/no.

Thus the students helped design and had lots of work into it and went through a process like it was the Project Runway of libraries.


  • It will be in between Somerset and Orchard.
  • TWO floors in a mall.
  • The theme of the library might as well be called time killers or portal to another world
  • Lots of new gadgetry!

Nothing is SUPER confirmed yet. This is why you can tell the library what you expect when this opens in 2014. For now, you can CHECK OUT the ‘showroom’ for the library at the central library, basement 1 until 31 January 2013.

This is the cocoon, one of the things they want to put at the Orchard library. It’s like a mini cocoon where you are surrounded with books and a TV screen to watch movies or whatever it is there. Also, music will play from above with the use of an audio dome.

There will also be memory bank, trend gallery and book tree amongst other things.

It is not what you think it is.

I know, it sounds like you are going to the Matrix or Narnia something but CLOSE ENOUGH.

What I’m interested would be The Arena which is a Colosseum style room for events. PLUS, it is said to be soundproofed. Nanowrimo Kick-Off 2014? Y/Y? You can check out more at Liyanaland’s blog post here or well, go to the preview exhibit.

The library REALLY wants to know what you expect to have there before they finalize their furniture, the layout, their book collection. GO FORTH.

Comment to them at their blog here or tweet to them at @PublicLibrarySG.

Do it. I will totally write my comments or rather email them. It’s gonna be long.

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  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for taking the time to join us for the session and putting up the blog post! We’ve sent you an email so feel free to write back with your comments 🙂

    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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