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Matcha cream latte and azuki latte

I wanted to go to a Font exhibition (yes, I know, it sounds super arty and stuff like that) but it was closed. Instead, have a post about Nana’s Green Tea because we went to the shop TWICE in one day at Plaza Singapura. (Click this link for the Singapore branch.)

That’s Jo‘s BMO in between the matcha cream latte  and azuki latte.

So how was the service?

It was pretty good. The servers were cheery and yeah. They were nice! Good grief, they are so happy. A tip is to give the number (eg. M18, M3) of what you want to order if there are a lot of you at one table, it’s faster that way for them to fill in their chit to hand to the kitchen.

Anyway, all of us got the drinks or desserts so no one ordered any mains. It’s called Nana’s Green Tea so heck that, have the matcha there.

Jo had the azuki latte on the right and she says that it’s like the, “Milky version of red bean paste – not too sweet and light, the red bean skins got in the way though”.

I had tried the matcha cream latte on a previous trip to the shop and the matcha is the GOOD matcha. It’s not the fake sweet stuff. So if you like sweet things, this matcha cream latte might disappoint you. Instead, if you really like matcha, you can taste it and the cream is quite light and it’s not so sweet either. It’s quite refreshing since it’s served cold.

Matcha amitsu

Anyway, for the ‘first’ trip to the shop on that day, I had matcha anmitsu ($8.80) for a change instead of a drink. It’s matcha ice cream, red bean paste, white mochi, kanten (light green tea tasting jelly) and a drizzle of brown sugar syrup.

Do taste just a bit of the syrup before you get all happy with it. You don’t need to soak the dessert with everything in the syrup pitcher. It’s super saturated sweetness.

Matcha shiratama slushy

Max’s matcha shiratama slushy. It’s an ice blended matcha with plain mochi balls and matcha ice cream. Cold and chewy, best if you want MATCHAAAA and mochi to bite on.

Mochi balls are always so fun to eat.

Matcha soft cream and hoji soft cream tea

From the ‘second’ trip of that day, this is Nicole’s matcha soft cream and Julian’s Hoji-cha soft cream. Basically it’s either matcha or hojicha topped with soft serve ice cream.

Hojicha is matcha but roasted. Ok, let’s do that in English. Hojicha is made of green tea leaves but it’s roasted and thus, it’s brown. Both of them liked their drinks and Julian did say, “It got sweet from the soft serve at the end. But the hojicha is still so good” so I think I might try this out for myself next time since soft serve + tea = OOOH.


For my second trip there, I had gemmai-cha ($5.50) which is baked brown rice and Uji (green tea). I had enough dessert for that day and this was so fragrant.

Close up of the tea bag!

I wonder if I can buy the tea bags for it from Nana’s Green Tea or something because this was very good. No, you do not put in sugar in your tea. You just drink it just like that. The baked brown rice after taste with the delicious green tea, this was served hot and oooh my, the subtle taste of it intermingling is beautiful.

Sip and savour this gemmai-cha slowly.

Just, duh, don’t drink it in a gulp when they put the pot on your table cause it’s freaking hot then.

If you want beautiful, non-sucky matcha tea, just go to Nana’s Green Tea. Oh by the way, there’s service charge here so remember to calculate your bill properly.


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