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Public garden!

We went to the Public Garden flea market at the national museum. Since it was free and guess what. Free entry to the exhibits at the museum too! Woooo.

Singing! Hey it's Plain Vanilla Bakery! Heist!

As we entered, there was a music performance before we got to the market. It was two floors of stalls. Craft work, vintage stuff, food, eco stuff. Like good grief, ok. I like their line up.

There was also a barber section area by Heist, we made Max get a haircut. He looks very designer now.


This is a baklava from Overdoughs. I bought a salted caramel cupcake from Plain Vanilla Bakery since they were there but Lina and Max bought these. I got to taste a bit and oh my.

It’s not crispy because it’s soaked in saturation with its buttery syrup permeating through it. The only crunch comes from the nuts in between the layers or the green sprinkling of pistachios on top of it. Scattered petals on each piece of baklava provided an extra touch.

You have normal average baklava and you have this, a baklava that had every attention paid upon it when it was made.


On the second floor, we got to see more craft work like PapyPress where you could get letterpressed envelopes/cards and what have you. Yeaaah you would be able to guess some of our crew both said envelopes.

Kuo Pao Kun's exhibit

By the time you read this post, this exhibit of Kuo Pao Kun is probably over. It was beautifully laid out. There were black rooms where there was either an interview or a performance from his plays and the walls were decorated with the props from the show.

This was also where I learned how freaking small the Cultural Medallion is. It’s a tiny badge! You do a lot of work and all for the arts but wow, now I know that it is a SUPER tiny badge?!

Being Together

Outside, at the basement there’s this photo exhibit about family and it’s called Being Together. Go to one side and HAVE FUN. Take a picture with your pals or family in a fake living room or be in the ‘past’ at Haw Par Villa and all. It’s cool.

Anyway, watch out for the next Public Garden whenever it is. It’s pretty cool to attend one.

Hello! Japan

Meanwhile, HELLO! JAPAN! It’s a new Starhub channel (149) starting 25 Feb 2013 at 6.30pm. I like taking pictures with mascots.

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