Warm bodies, cold heart

Zombie power!

PUN IN THE TITLE IF YOU GET IT. Anyway, this time it’s zombies. Or rather a promo for Warm Bodies! I read the book (yes it’s a book by Isaac Marion) and it’s quite sweet and full of hope. Not sure how the movie adaptation will be but it has high ratings on IMDB too.

Make up!

The make up artists from Alikhan Live Entertainment are totally professional and awesome!

Lurk around like zombies

We shuffled around Bugis and then Orchard MRT station. Mostly at Bugis because it rained.

With R

What to do? Take a picture with R (the one in the red hoodie), tweet about it and you could have won tickets to Warm Bodies.

Horde leader

Anyway, here’s our horde leader aka organizer! Woooh, she runs the Singapore Zombie Walk. So if you want to summon zombies, she is the one who can do so.


Hurray, I’ve got Warm Bodies premiums like a mini notebook, t-shirts and a hoodie! When the hoodies were revealed to us, we all went “OOOOH” excitedly at it. The designs for this movie and items are pretty sleek.

Anyway, catch Warm Bodies from 14 March onwards! Or read the book. I think you’ll like to do BOTH.

Ps. I’ve been a ninja, a zombie… I should be a pirate or robot next.

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