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Good day to you!

It’s a really packed and fun May the Fourth be with you considering it was Free Comics Book Day and Star Wars Day. There were a lot of places having events but I couldn’t get to them all.

Make sure you check out Red Dot Diva since I know she went to Invasion at Funan, Cavalock‘s post about the mini figs for FCBD and of course the Here Be Geeks when the post about it! Also, Incoherent Boy wrote about it for the Straits Times here (not sure whenever the page will break since I don’t know how they archive their articles).

ANYWAY, I got to Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City at around 10am and hello there cosplayers!


They’re helping to promote International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS).

ICDS will be held on 25 August 2013 at *SCAPE! Regular passes are $5 but VIP passes are at $30!

Note: VIP passes are limited and will get you fast convention entry, prints, guaranteed signings, Jay Tablante’s Geekology 101 book, exclusive ICDS 2013 and Singapore’s 3 rd Annual Cosplay Chess merchandise and a heck load of stuff.

OK, enough about ICDS cause they’ve got more details and I can do that on a separate post for them when it’s closer to August. BUT YES! It was Free Comic Books Day sooo…

Get your free comics!

Yay, grab your free comics! It’s available to all Kinokuniya members. Show your card so they can scan it and get a grab bag!

Redemption point

While you can’t choose what comics you get, they do pack a lot of it into your bag and you get a special FCBD Heroclix of Iron Man!


It’s all good, man. I got my pack and I heard over the special telepathic powers of le geeks (aka sms and twitter) that the packs ran out around 12pm for the Ngee Ann branch.

All of the Kinokuniya book stores had FCBD in case you want to go next year. Just that stocks are limited.

Oh Tony!

A close up of the Heroclix.

And after Kino, I headed to GnB Comics with a small group since the store would open at noon and we left Kino at around 11am. There’s a lot of moving here and there for that Saturday.

From below!

The weather was getting hotter and the sun was blazing then. It wasn’t even noon yet, perhaps 11.30am? This was the queue then.

Supergirl with Krypto and Spider-Man

Wooh, we waited in line. The press was there too. No, Spider-Man wasn’t with the press but he was with Supergirl and she was carrying Krypto.

And that was the queue before they opened the store!

The comics books! SamiBasri, SunnyGho and GarrieGastonny Second batch of visitors!

Ahh, click to enlarge pictures as always. For members, you could pick 10 comics while for non-members you could pick only 5.

GnB had a sketch/signing session too with Sami Basri, Sunny Gho and Garrie Gastonny. After picking the comics that I wanted, I left with Jo and wow, the queue outside was still going on.

Free Comic Book Day!

It’s like those Louis Vuitton or Chanel queues at the mall but more geeky.

AND THEN RUN BACK TO ORCHARD. We did a little pitstop to eat something but we pretty much walked from Bugis to Ngee Ann City.

In the middle of this, it suddenly stormed and fwoosh so much humidity since it only rained intensely for around an hour.

Xiao Yan and Dave Chua!

Back to Kino for Xiao Yan and Dave Chua’s meet the creators session of The Girl Under the Bed! It’s not often you can see them both together at an event.

Sketch session

Besides the whole question and answer plus some talk bits of the session, Xiao Yan did a little sketch. You can pretty much see she is Sonny Liew’s student in this fast sketch.

Free prints!

There’s free prints by Xiao Yan for the first 30 people who bought a copy there and there was a lucky draw to win her artwork from the book at the end of the session. Spoiler alert: I didn’t win but you can still see the artwork in the book itself.

Here Be Geeks did a review of The Girl Under the Bed and it is good.

Catch those Hasbro promoters!

Alright and then we rushed down because Hasbro Singapore were giving away Boba Fett figurines for Star Wars day.

Yay! Boba Fett!

Yay! And no, I don’t get a free lifesized Jango Fett. The 501st and assorted characters were everywhere on Saturday since there was a Star Wars showcase at the stamp museum currently and a Star Wars event at Nanyang Polytechnic.

Loot for 2013 FCBD

And this was this year’s loot! The only thing I bought there was Dave and Xiao Yan’s book. Yes, I got Action Time on account of… pony.

Scratch 9!

See you all next year for FCBD? It was really fun this 2013 when everyone had their own events at their own places. Although you get free loot for FCBD or discount sales, the fun we get most is when we get to talk to other comic readers, creators or fans! That’s why it was really fun this year with everyone getting into it.

Meanwhile, I got this free comic called Scratch 9 which comes out in July. It’s a book with cats!

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