So Unnatural!

Unnatural - Title card

No adventures around Singapore because, ok. I did have some but I wanted to write more about this series… UNNATURAL! You can actually watch it on XinMSN. Thank goodness for episode recaps for local shows on it cause I have no idea who else will do it if you don’t record them yourselves.

Frankly, I have watched season 1 and 2. Not that I wanted to but mostly it’s when I was eating food and it happened to be on and I switched channels because the first two seasons were SO painful. In a sense that they were actual reenactments of what had truly happened. Some of the cases had happened a few weeks before and were in the newspapers.

Unnatural was really about freak accidents and unnatural deaths that happened and you couldn’t help the victims at all. It was doubly painful because they managed to get the relatives and interviewed them. Just really heartbreaking.

NOW, I can watch Unnatural because it’s just… Well, if you haven’t noticed me tuning in every episode and telling my friends online about it, WELL, you just need to watch it now.

It’s totally the opposite of the first two seasons because it’s so unbelievable, it’s unnatural.

Darren Lim is the host!

Each episode has Darren Lim as the host introducing the ‘story’ of each episode. Sometimes he’s involved in being ‘examples’ to show what he is talking about.

The format of Unnatural is pretty easy, you have either one or two stories per episode and in between it you have interviews with professionals like doctors, psychiatrists or whatever professional sports person that goes with it.

And that’s when you start to bring popcorn or whatever snack you want to eat as you watch the show.

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