Maker Faire 2013!

The warehouse of scape!

Don’t say I never told you Maker Faire exists in Singapore. Of course, you’re too late to attend 2013’s since that just happened last weeked on 27th-28th July at *Scape warehouse! This is also in conjunction with the Science Buskers Festival.

I like this year’s because last year it was held in the… paid area… of the Science centre and I went there in the afternoon so it wasn’t worth paying mucho moolah when I wouldn’t have enough time to explore the centre itself. Which led me to play some other stuff outside of the science centre but still in the building itself.

Maker Faire! Ok, it’s called mini Maker Faire and it’s really fun since they have workshops and talks lined up. I wasn’t there for any of the talks since I was too late to sign up for some of them. Haaa. They’re popular so if you ever want to go to a talk, just CLICK REGISTER when the next Maker Faire is up.

Instead, I got to go around the booths! Yay! That was free since no entry fee at *Scape. (Except for some workshops, duh.)

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