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No adventures around Singapore because, ok. I did have some but I wanted to write more about this series… UNNATURAL! You can actually watch it on XinMSN. Thank goodness for episode recaps for local shows on it cause I have no idea who else will do it if you don’t record them yourselves.

Frankly, I have watched season 1 and 2. Not that I wanted to but mostly it’s when I was eating food and it happened to be on and I switched channels because the first two seasons were SO painful. In a sense that they were actual reenactments of what had truly happened. Some of the cases had happened a few weeks before and were in the newspapers.

Unnatural was really about freak accidents and unnatural deaths that happened and you couldn’t help the victims at all. It was doubly painful because they managed to get the relatives and interviewed them. Just really heartbreaking.

NOW, I can watch Unnatural because it’s just… Well, if you haven’t noticed me tuning in every episode and telling my friends online about it, WELL, you just need to watch it now.

It’s totally the opposite of the first two seasons because it’s so unbelievable, it’s unnatural.

Darren Lim is the host!

Each episode has Darren Lim as the host introducing the ‘story’ of each episode. Sometimes he’s involved in being ‘examples’ to show what he is talking about.

The format of Unnatural is pretty easy, you have either one or two stories per episode and in between it you have interviews with professionals like doctors, psychiatrists or whatever professional sports person that goes with it.

And that’s when you start to bring popcorn or whatever snack you want to eat as you watch the show.

Currently there are 8 episodes but I have to tell you briefly of the first and BEST EPISODE EVERRRRR which was about PLANKING. I noted each episode might have different writers and wow, the first episode really started off with a bang.

This series has more deaths than Game of Thrones. Well, it seems like it because no matter what, everyone dies in the end.

A NOTE: I AM VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE CAST AND CREW. It is MADDENING because the cast for each episode are great and oh my goodness, it’s actually shot pretty professionally too and…

Well, I just can’t even. Like, how did they come up with this instead? Like make each episode of Unnatural as unconvincing as a happening unlike season 1 or 2 to not traumatize people?


Chicks dig... furniture.

Episode 1. Planking. In this alternate universe, if you do planking everyone thinks you’re cool. All the girls will come up to you and say they liked that picture of you planking on your table or washing machine.

I know.

I don’t know how all the cast manage to keep a straight face and keep it believable (to the characters) saying all this.

Such a cool thing!

You’re cool if you can do this. It is a need, a must to plank.

The Plank King.

The first episode had some geek dude and some ‘cool’ dude who is the proclaimed Plank King. I know. The whole episode is so full of puns and moments that make you go, “No. I can’t believe this. This is so unnatural” that it is SO AWESOME.

Spoiler alert: The Plank King dies because he planked on a balcony ledge.

There was a whole bit where the geek guy told the cool dude that it was dangerous but somehow YOU MUST PLANK OR DIE. And the Plank King died at his party… celebrating his latest planking.


Episode 5 - Electricity dude comes from above

Oh yeah, they have a ‘what not to do’ segment at the end of it all! They’re not exactly that… Ok, it’s more like common sense really although SOME are useful. I guess. HERE WE HAVE a random electrician JUMPING DOWN FROM NOWHERE to save the day.

It’s episode 5 about ‘electrocution’ and at about this point I figured I wanna act in this series because it’s just so… so… indescribable to be tactful.

The nerd girl!

In NEARLY every episode the story starts out with a guy trying to impress a girl or a girl trying to impress a guy. It’s as if there’s no other reason for doing stupid things. I like how in this episode of electrocution we had a teenage movie plot line but with a death in the ending.

Nerd girl removes her glasses and delivers the whole “What are you looking at?” line.

A classmate!

The dude says “I’ve never seen you without your glasses!” and in that gasp-worthy kind of expression.


Her ALLEGED Galpal comes back from the drinks stand by the pool and gasps saying “NOW SHE’S ATTRACTING THEM LIKE BEES TO THE HONEY”. Which is an ACTUAL LINE in the show as she is jealous that Nerd Girl is getting attention from guys.

Nerd girl was actually talking to them normally but Galpal was all jealous and junk so she disrobes and reveals her bikini outfit and jumps into the pool which had been electrified due to some weird wiring and dies.

The moral of the story is don’t get jealous of nerd girls.

The end.

A pirate...?

The beginning of episode 7 makes you go “Why is there a… pirate?” but by then, you’d just have known this is Unnatural and you just go with the flow.

Just go with the flow.

Dance. Parkour to dance?

In this universe of Unnatural, you learn that people go to clubs and dance by using parkour (episode 4). I guess besides planking, parkouring is the THING indeed.

You MUST parkour

That everything is a MUST which is how it leads to their deaths. Here the guys picked up the girls at the club to go… parkouring. I don’t know what happened to regular dates. Dates don’t exist in this universe apparently.

They are kinda cute.

They’re pretty cute too but they did tell the girls that they’re just beginners and do NOT have to jump across the gap in the freaking car park.

So high

See, so high but since all episodes end in deaths, you can guess what happened.

No girl, no.

Undercut Girl decides to go for the jump to impress the guys. WHO HAVE ACTUALLY LEFT THE AREA.

Fly my pretties, fly!

I’m just more impressed by the really fake flying here.

Such a pose!

Wooshing like a power ranger.



Such a gamer

How many episodes will this series be? How do they come up with the themes? The latest episode was about GAMER DEATH. I think this guy here acted in Crime Watch too, he looks familliar as an extra on TV shows here. Some of it is like the writers are losing steam and are getting tired.

What an addicting game.

The nerd dude (see how each episode nearly starts with nerd girl or nerd dude?) here is addicted to the game. Wow. This game. It looks so addictive.



TL;DR He died because he didn’t eat or drink or take his medicine. This story was a bit straight forward in a sense that there were little outdoor shoots.

Shaun the killer

And nearly all the characters in each episode will be stupid. Or doing stupid things. Or they’re too stubborn to do what they’re supposed to do. The second story is about Shaun liking a game called Zombie Killers and his father bought it even if the game is beyond his age rating.

If you buy an M18 game for your kid who isn’t 18, he will go to jail.


Not really.


Such words. “I have a silver dagger!” and the other dude says “I HAVE A GOLD SWORD” and apparently this is enough to be rage worthy and I don’t know, they were both behaving like the noobs they were accusing each other of.

It's at Black Tactical!

Shaun’s friend brought him to a shop in Funan aka a small cameo featuring Black Tactical. I knew it was Black Tactical because I buy my space pens from there. They were going “OH WOW. IT IS LIKE THE KNIFE FROM THE GAME”.

King what.

They were looking at Shaun’s purchase at a bus stop and OH LOOK, HOW CONVENIENT, this dude was there and noticed it. He said, “HEY, isn’t that the knife from zombie killers?” and they were getting on so well until he said he was King Alex and Shaun said he was Shaun the killer!


A truck!

I did say the cast and crew were professional. I don’t know how long they had to wait but a truck just drives at the EXACT time when Shaun stabs at Alex like some intentional ‘cut scene’. This kind of shot actually takes quite a bit of effort, waiting and luck.

So dead.

Yes, we know you are Shaun the Killer.

His knife.

I know a lot of gamers. I play games too but this is one of the most ridiculous things that has ever happened for a stupid flash game.

Uhh his wound?

The makeup for the previous episodes had been pretty ok. I just had to laugh at this one because it seemed like they were too tired or running out of time to make this a few seconds shot with a believable wound. There’s no wound mark on his neck. Only a drying red liquid.

He died of red liquid.

What is this end.

Bonus points for this episode for having the most artistic ending though. It had Shaun telling the computer that he was sorry and now he had to go to jail.


No parents, no one. No cops. Just an ‘artistic’ good bye to the computer.

AND END of episode 8.

Ps. To stop Shaun the killers from forming, use this tip instead:

Oh this is how to stop it.

Pps. The upcoming episode actually looks pretty decent and non-cheesy about accidental Child’s Play death.

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