Maker Faire 2013!

The warehouse of scape!

Don’t say I never told you Maker Faire exists in Singapore. Of course, you’re too late to attend 2013’s since that just happened last weeked on 27th-28th July at *Scape warehouse! This is also in conjunction with the Science Buskers Festival.

I like this year’s because last year it was held in the… paid area… of the Science centre and I went there in the afternoon so it wasn’t worth paying mucho moolah when I wouldn’t have enough time to explore the centre itself. Which led me to play some other stuff outside of the science centre but still in the building itself.

Maker Faire! Ok, it’s called mini Maker Faire and it’s really fun since they have workshops and talks lined up. I wasn’t there for any of the talks since I was too late to sign up for some of them. Haaa. They’re popular so if you ever want to go to a talk, just CLICK REGISTER when the next Maker Faire is up.

Instead, I got to go around the booths! Yay! That was free since no entry fee at *Scape. (Except for some workshops, duh.)

Science buskers!

I cam-whored with the bee mascot from the Science Centre (it was promo for their current MEGABUGS exhibition) and look see-ed at the booths. I didn’t know that there was such thing as a science buskers festival until now.

It’s cool! Students from various schools and levels compete TO BE THE SCIENCE BUSKEEEER AND WIN THE ULTIMATE PRIZE.

Of money.

Hahaha, well just imagine a science fair and that is it, really.


One of the most eye catching booths there because this is poop. It’s fake poop but it is poop nonetheless!


So many printers!

The only place where I would be able to see so many 3D printers in one location. This is Funbie studios‘ booth.


And these are some stuff from the Shapeways booth. They don’t have an office in Singapore yet but it would be really good if they DO because oh maaan, the shipping price if you order to send in Singapore when your item is really small is just sad.

Come here to Singapore, Shapeways, come here!

Blue Wolf Illuminations

You can buy stuff too at the maker faire, like origami, arduino sets, handmade book marks and whatever really. These steampunk subs are made out of bottles and are from Bluewolfe Illuminations.

Kiki Tay's magic!

And off we went up the ‘stage’ area. You could buy a small pack of lights from Kiki Tay’s light magic booth! His jacket is so freaking bright. The stage area has more booths by the science centre, I think. It’s like booths by them, teaching whoever who came by some mini tutorial or to make some cool things like mini robots out of cardboard and stuff.


A coffee filtration system made out of plastic bottles. Too bad it’s fasting month so I can’t try it out but those who did, liked it!

It's a dragon!

Meanwhile, a dragon lurked nearby.

Iron Man Tony!

Also, Ironman Tony was there with his son! Yes, there were cosplay prop booths too showcasing custom light sabers, Witchblades and all sorts of other replicas.

Anyway, come by for Maker Faire if you can, it’s really  fun faire where you get to meet people who make the things and discover more science experiments and goodies!

It’s like the science centre but more organic somehow.

Like the Mini Maker Faire so you won’t miss out the next one, next year!

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the writeup!

    All the booths on the stage (except Kiki’s booth) were created and run by makers from the Sustainable Living Lab. We’re Singapore’s first and only Makerspace and have run more than 1/3 of all booths at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire this year and last year.

    Our FB page –

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