It's a cat helmet?

I went to the 2013 Cat Purrzaar at The Arts House! It’s on next week too. Anyway click more to read after the cut to see the poster since you still can attend this cat photography exhibition and visit the booths.

Okay meow?

I have no idea what was going on with the cat helmet but there were these photos on the table for it so it was pretty amusing.

The booths!

This year’s Cat Purrzaar is held on the second floor of The Arts House. It’s easy for you to get around since it’s not too many booths and pretty much you can get your cat toys or photos or handmade things there.

Cats of the World photo exhibition!

Proceeds of the Cats of the World photos, postcards or bookmarks go to the Cat Welfare Society. Pretty much most of the booths there too!

Anyway, this was the booth I got some free Fancy Feast broth samples. It came in a box and looks super fancy.

I bought a few postcards while Raven bought a whole bunch for her postcrossing needs and bookmarks.

Munchy Neko!

I call Munchy Neko the internet cat group because it’s like they have the power of internet cats like Pancake.

Super freaking cute totebags, bags and other papercraft or not books.

Purrzaar poster!

Anyway, go check it out this coming weekend if you’re free! 17th August is the last day for the purrzaar market but the photo exhibition will be there till 29th August.

It’s best if you visit the exhibition while the purrzaar is on for maximum cat cuteness.

Ps. The photos are all on level 1, displayed on the walls.

Pps. You can buy the photos too at the Cats of the World Photos booth.

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