Maker Faire 2013!

The warehouse of scape!

Don’t say I never told you Maker Faire exists in Singapore. Of course, you’re too late to attend 2013’s since that just happened last weeked on 27th-28th July at *Scape warehouse! This is also in conjunction with the Science Buskers Festival.

I like this year’s because last year it was held in the… paid area… of the Science centre and I went there in the afternoon so it wasn’t worth paying mucho moolah when I wouldn’t have enough time to explore the centre itself. Which led me to play some other stuff outside of the science centre but still in the building itself.

Maker Faire! Ok, it’s called mini Maker Faire and it’s really fun since they have workshops and talks lined up. I wasn’t there for any of the talks since I was too late to sign up for some of them. Haaa. They’re popular so if you ever want to go to a talk, just CLICK REGISTER when the next Maker Faire is up.

Instead, I got to go around the booths! Yay! That was free since no entry fee at *Scape. (Except for some workshops, duh.)

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So Unnatural!

Unnatural - Title card

No adventures around Singapore because, ok. I did have some but I wanted to write more about this series… UNNATURAL! You can actually watch it on XinMSN. Thank goodness for episode recaps for local shows on it cause I have no idea who else will do it if you don’t record them yourselves.

Frankly, I have watched season 1 and 2. Not that I wanted to but mostly it’s when I was eating food and it happened to be on and I switched channels because the first two seasons were SO painful. In a sense that they were actual reenactments of what had truly happened. Some of the cases had happened a few weeks before and were in the newspapers.

Unnatural was really about freak accidents and unnatural deaths that happened and you couldn’t help the victims at all. It was doubly painful because they managed to get the relatives and interviewed them. Just really heartbreaking.

NOW, I can watch Unnatural because it’s just… Well, if you haven’t noticed me tuning in every episode and telling my friends online about it, WELL, you just need to watch it now.

It’s totally the opposite of the first two seasons because it’s so unbelievable, it’s unnatural.

Darren Lim is the host!

Each episode has Darren Lim as the host introducing the ‘story’ of each episode. Sometimes he’s involved in being ‘examples’ to show what he is talking about.

The format of Unnatural is pretty easy, you have either one or two stories per episode and in between it you have interviews with professionals like doctors, psychiatrists or whatever professional sports person that goes with it.

And that’s when you start to bring popcorn or whatever snack you want to eat as you watch the show.

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Under One Sky writing workshop

Hey ho! There’s a writing workshop for the Under One Sky competition! It’s like preparation for the competition if you haven’t tried out writing short stories before.

Here’s the details! Fyi, it’s free.

Creative writing (short story) workshop!

Date: Sat, 3rd August 2013
Time: 10am- 1pm
Venue: Woodlands Regional Library, Programme Zone

This workshop will focus on the techniques needed for writing short stories and give participants room to experiment with ideas.

Below is the programme outline:
• Appreciate the unique features of a short story
• Brainstorm and develop a plot for a short story
• Apply basic writing skills and techniques to formulate a short story
• Write a short story inspired by another work of literature
• To have a basic draft of a short story by the end of the workshop

This workshop is open to only 40 participants aged 13 and above!

Please register at library e-kiosks or website Should the programme be fully registered and you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please email your name and contact number to

Participants are strongly encouraged to submit the short stories produced in the workshop for the Insight: Under One Sky Competition, organised in collaboration with Read! Singapore.

If you have any queries regarding the workshop or the competition, please send it to us at

More details about the competition or the workshop can be found here.

Cosfest 2013 aka Cosfest XII

Cosfest XII ! Or 2013

And it was Cosfest weekend once more! There’s so many people this year (and less Vocaloids) going about. The programme for Cosfest had karaoke competitions, the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) competition for representatives of Singapore and well performances.

Reika was there as a guest and judge too and she has mucho fans who were lining up to buy her photobooks and yes, her photobooks with various cosplays are very good and gets sold out pretty quick here since she brought them along with her from Japan.

ANYWAY, you’d know the official programme, see photos and videos from this year at the Cosfest website.

I go to Cosfest mostly to meet my friends, and I did!

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Make the books!

Intro to book making!

Last weekend I went to the Everest Room at the Woodlands library to go to their free Introduction to Book Making class with Pooja!

It was, as I said, free and that the library got to have it there in Woodlands for a day. Limited seats were had but I managed to sign up once I knew about it since Pooja’s classes are always packed and you mustn’t hesitate in clicking yes.

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