I wanna scoot

Oxelo town 7 easyfold scooter

I want to scoot around on this Oxelo town 7 easyfold scooter. I’m saving up my money and all that because I realized I would be able to go to a LOT of places just scootering around.

I could also take it on the MRT and if by an unlucky chance should the trains not work, I could just unfold this and scoot away instead of taking a bridging bus towards non-affected places. It’s small enough to get on a bus with it too so yeah, that’s why I didn’t want to get a foldie since I really, REALLY wander around a lot of places and this would be better to lug around with.

Then it occurred to me, huh, with all the places in Singapore I go to and with all the events, it would be cool if someone actually sponsored this scooter.

It’ll be even cooler if Scoot air actually sponsored it because… DUH SCOOTING ON A SCOOTER? SCOOT?

Me not busting into your office.

So Scoot, this is my proposal to you. Instead of busting into your office, I am just writing a post here and it’s up to you to email me if you wanna. Hopefully before 7 February 2014 because I’d be buying it then.

You might be wondering who I am so these next few tweets might give you a little idea on it.

This is me

Yeah. I think that just sums it up. I’m giving YOU the opportunity to sponsor me an oxelo town 7 easyfold scooter before I buy it myself!

Reenactment of the future? Futureenactment?

Look at this. This would be so awesome. And I would scoot it down along Orchard road on weekends or City Hall, etc where a lot of people are. Like, actual people in public.

They’d go “Wow, that girl, she’s on a scooter and here I am in a car/bus/train/motorbike and stuck on the road abloo bloo bloo”.

Safety is all that!

I am totally a safety first person too and look, this is my helmet. There is SPACE for a sticker! On a different note, I might be removing the current stickers to do a different design?


A NEW DESIGN with a sticker by Scoot? It is all up to YOUUUU. The above picture is for you to imagine it.

Now, what do YOU get if you sponsor me this particular skate scooter.

I will offer you sticker space on my helmet! I’d probably leave it on for at least 2 months. I’d actually leave it on longer since I’d find it troublesome to just peel it off or that it is a cool story to just point out why I have a sticker on the helmet if anyone asks.

Secondly, I’d totally blog about how you’d sponsor me a skate scooter.

Thirdly, while I’d scoot around only in the neighbourhood areas during weekdays, on weekends I’m always everywhere so there would be exposure to the scooter at least 4 times a month in town or in city hall area. Don’t believe this? Check out my posts on Monday, I really go out on weekend adventures.

Fourthly(?), you can also say that some of your fares are cheaper than this scooter!

Fifthly(??), yeah. That’s it.

You can’t really ignore a girl on a skate scooter in town. I could also add that somehow I’m always somewhere in the press photos like some “Where’s Wally” thing but nevermind.

Disclaimer: I haven’t ever got the chance to ride on your real Scoot air planes yet. I’d also be open to just randomly hopping on your plane and going back to SG after an hour or so day trip thing since I’d have no hotel to stay in?? But I really want the scooter too.

PS. If ANYONE ELSE wants to sponsor me the scooter, feel free to email me before 7 Feb too!

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Well, this is seriously Sarah and that's all you need to know for now.

2 thoughts on “I wanna scoot”

  1. How’s ur Oxelo 7? Can share scooting experience? I just ordered a Town 9 n can’t wait for it to arrive!

  2. Hi Alvin!

    No worries. I actually WANT to do a full review on my Oxelo 7 including a vid and some pictures! Still going on a few terrain and stuff but I can simplify for you what the full review is gonna be:

    IT IS AWESOME. You need to figure out your scooting technique for long distances in case one leg gets tired because you use the other for constant uh pedaling? That’s only for going uphill. It’s actually not too bouncy and I went over pavements in Singapore and it’s pretty fun. COASTING DOWNHILL is totally wonderful. Very easy to fold up and get onto a bus too.

    That’s it for the 7, your 9 would be a bit more heavier though BUT it has more suspension. I think it’ll totally help for brick pavement road types because on the 7 it can be vibrating to get on those. In conclusion. SO FUUUUN. Except for uphill. But I think everyone knows that even for bikes hahahah.

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