Really Random Encounters

Detecting metal?

We went to the national museum for the Total Defence 30th anniversary! There were so many cool things to do even before entering the museum.

Like playing with metal detectors and eating army rations or checking out their weaponry.

Unfortunately, by the time you read this, the special exhibition is oveeer.

OH AND BY THE WAY. I AM VERILY GLAD, my two teams in N.E.mation? THEY BOTH GOT INTO TOP THREE. The champion and the 1st runner up but that shall be a different post…

Anyway, Saturday really was random adventures day.

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Oxelo scooter is cat sized?

I didn’t get my scooter from Scoot and bought it last week at the stated date. A proper review of it is will be in March onwards when I have traveled around with my Oxelo Town 7 Easyfold scooter.


So we’ll see how.

Kind of short post but I went on the Marina run on Saturday! And ok, it was the 5km fun run and I managed to do it so YAY.

To the outerlands…

Not posting anything too much for this Monday but here’s a reminder…


TO VOTE FOR C05 and C08 (plus one other team of your choice) in N.E.mation!

Yes, don’t forget to vote for The 4 of Us II and Momento Mori. And vote all four methods, via the FB, the website, mobile web and sms.

Meanwhile, I got a mini interview up at Naiise. I curated a list of things to get for Valentine’s Day! Go check that out.

Oh and since Scoot didn’t get me the scooter I wanted, I went ahead and purchased it! We’ll see how it goes when it is delivered.

Eh this post looks so empty so here…


Here’s cajons being set up at Jurong regional library. That’ll be for another post since we made music!

It’s 30 Years of Total Defence!

National Museum of Singapore

I got invited to the Total Defence media conference the other day and I wondered if I should attend. OBVIOUSLY, I said yes hahahaha. Thanks AsiaPRWerkz for inviting me! Anyway, it’s about this year’s events cause it’s the 30th anniversary of total defence!

This is going to be a LONG post because there IS a lot of exciting things happening.

Tote-ally cool.

I tote-ally liked this bag. A lot of others did too because of the pun. Inside was a nifty file of press releases, postcards and a Happy Feet figurine (you’ll see in the later part of this post).

OH and you might be able to get one of these bags too! Details later below, hahaha.

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