The Cheese Ark!

The Grandstand!


It’s ‘easy’ to get to it if you take the shuttle bus from either Toa Payoh or Clementi MRT station? Well, we took it from the bus station at the exit of Clementi MRT and ahhh, so nice because it can be quite ulu to get to the Grandstand if you have no transport of your own.


South side.

My main mission is to go to Pasarbella and the objectives were to find The Cheese Ark.

Oh, there are a bunch of restaurants and Giant supermarket besides Pasarbella too if atas hipster is not your thing.

It's like diagon alley?

It’s in an alley of sorts. A very narrow alley but there, beyond that would be a smallish room of cheeses in their own special cheese rack/rooms!

The Cheese Ark!

TADAAAAA. Now I know why when people blog about this place, there isn’t too many pictures because it really IS just a room full of cheese! It’s like… WHAT YOU EXPECT.

And the expectation is beauty.

My platter

AAAAH. The staff there are helpful and pretty much I asked how are cheese platters? AND how much is for 1 person and the range so WAS AFFORDABLE. I don’t know about you but a platter for ONE PERSON at that is woah because of the variety of cheese. Depending on season and whatnot, you would have a different kind of cheese I would think so price varies!

It’s like omakase for cheese because I said I left it up to them.

And to eat this platter was also similar to sushi as you started with the lighter ones before you got to the intense cheeses. Oh my goodness. This was such a fun experience.

The last one was the top middle which was a blue cheese, a Guttus fig sandwich in which they placed the cheese in between a fig, a walnut and a layer of honey.

AND IT WAS SO GOOD OK? The sweetness and the cheese and the ahhhh.

If you like cheese, go to The Cheese Ark. It is worth going all the way to the Grandstand where Pasarbella is.

As I look at this picture, I want to visit the place again and get them in a take away box to eat at home where I can write about each cheese. A note to self though, I forgot I didn’t like gouda that much. I like all the rest except gouda.

This is why platters like this is good, it lets you learn which is your fav cheeses and what you would be fond of. I definitely like the lighter ones and the blue cheese which is the opposite of uh, light.


Oh and since we were there, we tried out Oceans of Seafood which is pretty much like a fish market or rather, seafood market! You can have the chefs sashimi/grill/boil/braise or whatever too.

Oysters, YAY. They’re delicious since they’re fresh. Always go to not dodgy and proper places for oysters if you wanna eat them straight after they’re shucked.


Cheese and oysters do not make a meal. We did end up at Veganburg since they have a branch there too!

I kind of miss Lord of the Fries with their hotdogs so I got the sausages from Veganburg. It’s ALL VEGAN by the way. My fav from there are the spinach pops.

Anyway, that’s our adventure to Pasarbella.

I’m going back there for more cheese eventually.

I wish there was a cheese of the month club or some cheese club. I would join that. LIKE A BELLABOX but for cheese.