Soul Sucking Selfie

I find it interesting that selfies are a thing now. To take a picture of oneself at some place or with whomever.

In primary school, there were cameras during excursion days. We used film since digital was kind of crap. Yeah, I was one of the first ones who got to use a digital camera because there was a workshop in school for journalism?!

It was a cool camera.

The digital camera had a slot for a floppy disk. It was cool and it didn’t even really have megapixels. Picture above is from here since mine is stored somewhere.

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The Guy I Like

Maybe this is a blatant use of the picture I took of Hugh Jackman yesterday at the X-Men Live, Days of the Future Past premiere in Singapore.

But I was thinking about guys. LE GASP.


To be specifically, X-Men guys. When I was a kid, I really liked Wolverine.

He was so cool because he had claws. I wanted claws! They could cut and dice so many things. And he was gruff but he was nice to Jubilee. And while he was such a loner guy, he was rather loveable? Like a bear?


And then I got older. Well, in my teens and I learned more about the X-men and I found Gambit to be really charming.

He’s the bad boy who really loves Rogue. (I totally liked Rogue too but this post is about the guys so yeah.) Wolverine was more like a good older bro dude to me then.

Like “Hey bro, yeaaah”. The relationship somewhat that Rogue or Jubilee had with Wolverine. Not the type Jean had Wolverine.

But Gambit, hello. Wow, how are you so hot and nice and charming? He is such a tease and no wonder all the ladies like him too because he can be such a gentleman.

He had secrets and inner angst. Delicious angst and the whole thing about still loving Rogue while he still couldn’t really touch her was just so, sooo tragic in a way. (Let’s ignore future!Rogue and other alternate universes or their current powers now and other plotlines.)

That’s some devotion! But he was a bad boy and yet so, so good. With his Cajun accent and stupid pink shirt. He wore that in the 90s, by the way. His brown hair, not too short, yet not too long and you can run your fingers through it and he goes all “ma chere” or “ma petite” and kyaaa~~~


I think you get the idea.

It's Cyclops

And now. While I still really like Gambit. A lot. I wouldn’t go for him because he is dangerous. Dangerous in a bad boy way. I’ve learned that bad boys are bad. Bad for the health and everything too. He’s so tempt worthy though.

Yet, I know what’s good for me is Cyclops.

He’s so reliable and he’s steady.

I know, he can be so plain vanilla at times but he’s the NOT bad boy. Ok, maybe I went to the opposite-Gambit majorly instead. But what I like would be goodness. I’m not Jean, Dark Phoenix, Madelyne or Emma Frost, so let’s ignore those bits ok?

And you want to make him smile.

He’s keen and so earnest and devoted too! Ok, maybe I went on a Cyclops route instead because Gambit types hurt. Not saying that Cyclops can’t make mistakes or anything like that. It’s just less?

Or is it cause I would not be too attached to Cyclops as compared to Gambit and thus I won’t be that hurt?? I DON’T KNOW. I just know that Cyclops is safe and is there. And that’s the current X guy I would go for.

The Noq store!

The Noq store!

Hey ho! Have you checked out the Noq store? It’s a newish online store for books here in Singapore. It’s the e-commerce side of Times Publishing! So besides the other bookstores that I’ve talked about before years ago, this is a new one to hit the internets that seems promising.

For one thing, it’s not just books! They have stationery and other accessories too like Moleskine. Alright then.

I was given a voucher by Noq to try out their store so this post will be updated when my purchases arrives in 7-14 days.

There’s 7% GST so make sure you account for that when you do purchase your books.

Since it’s quite new, the search function seems needing a bit of an update.

It can be a bit ‘slow’ while the pages load and some things might be weirdly categorized (why IS John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars in the stationery section?).

And their ‘price’ sort order is a bit iffy since they’re also showing things that are out of stock and thus cost $0.00. Besides all that though, if you know the title of the book you’re searching for, it seems to be able to search it ok! Try it on the computer, not the phone since some options are kind of hard to press if so.

The popup for the search by author/isbn/title needs a good hovering of the mouse before you can click it.

Also, I was searching for a book that just came out on 6 May and YESSS IT IS IN THE STORE (it’s 11 May on the time I clicked purchase). That’s wonderful so that means their stock is pretty up to date even if their current web search isn’t.

You know what I like about the checkout part? They DO have an option where you can checkout as guest. Means I don’t have to signup if I want to. Just buy and go.

Well, not go because I’m at home when I’m doing this so yeaaah. So that is nice. They don’t have a notification of how much you have purchased as a highlight on top where checkout is though but that’s just the designer in me going meh. You can find out your ‘total’ when just clicking it anyway.

At the time of this post they’re having free deliveries for orders of $25 and above. PLUS YOU get 15% discount if you type in SARAH until 30 May 2014 in the Noqstore. So cool right?

Ok, we’ll wait until my books arrive and I’ll update THIS post with the info of how the books are delivered then.

Sponsor a Story

What it says. I’m just leaving it here.

Sponsor a story, not with money but with comments, chocolates or cats.

Ok, the last not really but cat pictures are good too with a message on it. I’ll be writing my stuff as usual but if you sponsor a story chapter, it’ll get written faster because it’s like being ‘commissioned’.

For those who know me in real life, you can sponsor me with chocolates, tea and whatnot. For those online, you can sponsor me digitally. These will be the for ‘free’ stories only for NOW which only includes:

Ashes to Ashes

You CAN get an original fic sponsored with a word prompt but with real items though, like how Mizhalle gave me actual chocolate and I wrote this with her prompts.

The more comments/reminders, the faster a chapter will appear. If there are none, a chapter will still appear but sloooooooowly.

And you can start by commenting at this post here. But what  IS Ashes to Ashes?

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