ICDS 2014 (part 1)

Dat Baka!

International Cosplay Day 2014 was quite an exciting day that I’ll have to split my posts into two. This is the general event reaction post. Interview with the special guests will be on another!

Anyway, it started off with Dat Baka saying hello to us, introduced by Jason, the organizer of the event.

The line for his autograph.

After a little session on stage with opportunities for people to take photographs, it was meet and greet session. Mind you, this was early in the morning and that was how his queue looked like, heh.

Heroes of the Storm?

Alright the free zone was quite nice since you could still try out demos and visit the ‘corporate’ booths. This was Asiasoft’s Heroes of the Storm set up. Too bad I didn’t have anyone with me that day or I’d take a picture and pose with the vehicle.

Heroes of the storm!

Right now it’s in beta and if you want to sign up, head to the Heroes of the Storm website and follow the instructions and wait till you get access.

Stalls! Magic the Gathering! Summoner's in mini form.

(Click to enlarge pictures!)

This year there were around 5000 visitors to the event and it did take up 3 levels at Scape.

You had the merch stalls, art booths and hey, there was trading card shop (Summoner’s) booth where they had a table space available to play too.

I found it amusing some BJDs and other mini dolls were there nearby in a little set up to have a Summoner’s shop too, to play card games.


Photographers and cosplayers

There’s so many cosplay photographers and of course, cosplayers too. Since it was Scape, there was quite a bunch of spaces to pose around too and it wasn’t too crowded since people did know not to block the escalators or walk ways.


I don’t usually take pictures of cosplayers nowadays but this. This, I like.

Anime quiz!

Back downstairs and the anime quiz was going on. It was pretty entertaining and ok, I actually enjoyed it when both teams couldn’t guess some questions because it was tough until the reveal of the answer made everyone go “AWWWW” in the ‘oh man’ way not the ‘so cute’ way.

Cosplay Skool

The Cosplay Skool was there and I was pretty interested to see what they would have. Looks like they’d have some classes in the future too?

I want to join a sewing class if they have one and to learn how to use ‘patterns’ and to sew actual clothes.

It's AJ! And companion cube.

And hey look! They have a 3d printer too. Brother was also showcasing the latest sewing machines and cutting machine there.

The cutting machine goes really well if you’re really going to cut a lot of patterns to sew.

Kamui's session

Anyway, since I’m splitting this post into two, I’ll just say that Kamui definitely had a lot of fans and you can still see her armour is pretty awesome from afar.

She’s a really nice person too and well, wait for the post with interviews since I got to ask her questions with quite inspiring answers to cosplay.

Vocaloid videos

Waiting for the cosplay competition to start. I think we were all pretty entertained with the videos screened on stage.


In the meantime, there were also giveaways and this yellow ranger here won a mousepad from Armaggeddon.

Cosplay competition!

Finally it was the cosplay competition and the performances were quite interesting. It’s pretty fun to see cosplay performances because it tends to get pretty innovative since it’s like making some stage grade props and set and THEN your cosplay outfit and then performing in front of everyone as the characters. It can be quite nerve wrecking too but whenever you get to finish it, it’s an achievement.

Aaaand that’s it for this post. Actually, I had so many pictures but I didn’t want to post it all here.

As it is, the short tl;dr version:

ICDS 2014 was interactive and entertaining.

Lovely stalls and booths, lol-worthy stage games with BOTH the contestants on stage and people in the audience, very informative workshops with guests.

The different paid or free entry got people to try out whatever they wanted. MY EPIC CARD which I got at the event (free for people who completed the bingo card or $5 if you just want to buy it) was so cool. I got a discount from the cupcake shop in Scape for showing my card and heh, I was printing some stuff at Leadership at Peace centre recently and I got discounts on THAT.

Plus the staff/volunteers were all pretty professional and helpful so that is a major plus.

It’s a pretty neat event and you should try it out if you haven’t gone to an ICDS before.

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