Do you wanna make a shortfilm?

The Prologue

You know how to sing it. Do you wanna make a short fiiiiilm? It doesn’t have to be a short film…

Anyway, I was invited to ciNE65‘s The Prologue, aka their launch of their commissioned films and the whole intro about season three for submissions to their competition!

This season’s theme is “Believing • Home”.

Goodie bag!

This was inside the goodie bag. HAHAHAHAH. I like the name tag and I’m certainly able to use the tupperware and the rest somewhere. Mostly, LOOK AT THAT NAME TAG.

What it is about

Colonel Roland Ng, Director for Nexus gave the intro speech to the event (you might have seen him from my other posts about N.E.mation!).

More or less, through ciNE65, Nexus hopes via the short films to touch the hearts and minds of Singaporeans. Also to reach out and bring out the best in the local talents to add to Singapore’s film and arts industry.


Then it’s Mr Chronos Kwok (Total Defence Engagement Branch of Nexus) giving us the highlights of this season.

There’s going to be free workshops, seminars this January to February 2015 but it’s first come, first served so quick, QUICK SIGN UP.

Go to their webpage at ciNE65 and uh, you’ll be directed to their Facebook page. Under their app, click ‘events’. From there click book for whichever seminar or workshop you want to sign up up.

Some workshops are like creating your own web series by BananaMana Films.

(Fun fact… hey… isn’t one of the guys from there a green ranger?)


You like making short films or need to know how? Go do it. It’ll help you.

Meanwhile the COMPETITION starts from 30 December to 6 April 2015. So you have time to submit. Check the website for their specific details on submission formats and where to upload.

Have a new year’s resolution to try something new? Why not try short film making.

Who knows, you might win a prize.

There’s cash prizes, cameras and even a learning trip to an international film festival.

Also, here are 3 commissioned short films for you guys to watch. It might inspire you for your own story.

This one is by Director Kenny.

Director Kenny!

He’s the winner for the previous season and now wow, look at that. SO TOUCHING. I don’t know about you but yah because it’s not just soldiers who make up home and all that.

It’s the healthcare workers too and familyyyy.

This one is by Director Yahssir.

Director Yahssir

FUN FACT. I actually did work with him on this. HAHAHAHA. You can try to catch my name in the credits. Also, you can’t buy those flags any more. I had to help make them.

His dad cut acrylic rods while I had the chocolates ready (mini M&Ms) and the flags ripped from plain uh flags to carefully tape them back.

This one is by Director Bertrand.

Director Bertrand!

Guys. Did you realize.

That was all real?

I mean, real in a sense that it wasn’t special effects. The rain, the explosions and all that. They did it live to save costs.

So woah.

Food for thought

Three different stories, three different feels. The past, present and the future.

So… How will your short film turn out?

Ps. Also, I won a starbucks gift card during the event because I entered the instagram thingy going on then. BWUAHAHAHHAHA.

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