Project Bling

Guys, this is the year in which I’m going to embark on a pretty ambitious cosplay project. Well, ambitious for me anyway since I haven’t cosplay-ed a fancy lady before. A rich fancy lady from a game called Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Josephine Montilyet

I know, the game came out in 2014 and yet I am still playing it and my friends too. It has gone that far. So if you’re playing the game, look out for Josephine. That’s who I’m supposed to cosplay.

As such, there’s going to be a lot of sewing and the only props I need to make is her clipboard and necklace?

However, this will be the first time I have to actually wear proper make up (due to being a fancy lady). Sooo maybe Sephora makeup? I know a lot of you guys like to use them and ok. Going to the store itself can be intimidating, maybe I’ll just get it online or something and wait for it while I track down props, at least it’s easier that way.

Oh well, wish me luck on this. It’s a new challenge of cosplay project to actually look pretty instead of mysterious or tough this time.