The Collider

The collider

The Arts Science Museum invited me to their press preview of the Collider! This exhibition is until January 5th if I’m right?

Anyway, there are other exhibits at the same time so you can check what ever is on then too.

Without spoilers, if you’re going to Collider, do get a guided tour because you won’t be able to get ‘everything’ by just reading it.


So you’ll be entering the tunnels of CERN! Or one like it, hahah, it seems cool like you’re one of the scientist there.

By the way, when you just enter, there might be a video of how they announced finding the Higgs Boson.

For people who actually know some scientists or ‘rockstar scientists’, you’ll just go ARRRRRGH at a certain cameo.

Learn it.

If you’re not on a guided tour, the panels do try to explain to you.

So heavy


This is all real. The museum had to reinforce the floors because all these equipment are heavy as heck!

It is tungsten and lead

We got a guided tour by Dr Harry Cliff so it was super cool.

Did you know this is made of tungsten and lead yet it is transparent?

It is a cat!

Also this amuses me.

They’ve decorated the place like you’re in the tunnels and how people work there.

What do you expect from this exhibit? Pretty much the LHC. But this is a really hard science subject so it really is good if you can get a tour or read the panels bit by bit. I can see it is not for all but it will sometimes spark the imagination of people or children of what is possible once you learn what they do at CERN.

And ok, if it’s not your thing, check out the other exhibits at ASM!

Thanks ASM for inviting meeeeee.

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