Sprinting to the end?

To the top

2015 is the year when Reebok’s Spartan Race, Sprint was finally organized in Singapore.

And I joined it.

(Click the pictures to embiggen, of course.)


Ugggnnngh. Before we even got to my wave, I thought “Oh my goodness” because before you got to start, you had to climb in the pen where everyone is to be held. So good grief.

Climbing in to start for the race.

And then we got released and off we go!


I like climbing nets, they’re easy-ish although the gap is wide enough at times you might be able to fall through if you lose a footing…

Call that a warm up.

A spartan?

There were so, so many walls.

The starter walls were okay and then it got higher and higher!

I got through them, obviously.


Lots of weights to carry too.

Ok 5km

Since the sprint is the “easiest”, the distance was around 6km only which is pretty doable to me.

The weather was rather nice too. It rained when I started off and then went sunny again midrace.

So far, the water stations actually had three varieties of drink. Vita Coco Coconut water, Lucozade and PH Balancer water.



After climbing and going under barbed wire, we had to jump over fire to get to the finish line.

Yay! Success


Total damage for burpees? 90.

30 – I missed my javelin shot for the target.

30 – For not being able to cross a “monkeybars” thing.

30 – Not being able to go up a rope climb.

I really need to learn how to climb rope and do more arm thingies.

Screams. Why did I sign up. Hunggghhhh. #spartanracesg #singapore #spartanrace

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But it was fun! The volunteers were great and there wasn’t any “jam” at the obstacles so I didn’t have to wait for a long while for it.

Clean up

Would I do it again? Yeah, I would. It’s definitely something you need to train for either for the endurance part or the weight lifting part if not agility.

But AGHHH. You guys saw the medal? It comes with a third of the “main” medal.

That means I want to join the next one which is the Super.

And then I have no idea whereever or whenever the Beast would be but if it does happen here, I’ll need to be really fit for it.

A good day

Totally click this pic for the bigger picture.


My ‘loot’ bag besides my medal, I got the t-shirt and all those liquids, a bottle, tiger balm, an Uber code and fitness first trial.

Eh, for a first time, I guess this is okay but I think they really need more sponsors for their goodybag next time.

Maybe mini towels or something, I don’t know but um, just more?

I really look forward to the Super though and will train for it.

Till the next obstacle run!

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