Comics and Art!

A Saturday of comics and art as I hit up GnB’s for Halloween Free Comics and Illustration Arts Fest at La Salle.

A first for both of them!

GnB at Kitchener Complex!

It was the first Halloween at GnB’s new location at Kitchener Complex ever since they had to move due to Rochor Centre getting demolished.

Time to get free loot!

This is halloween, halloweeeeeen!

Free sticker!


10 Comics

10 free comics, choose the available titles there. Of course besides the free comics there was a sale of 1USD to 1SGD for comics.


Pipin Tobing and Noval Hernawan was there too for illustrations and were selling their prints.

Tatami room?

There’s also a tatami room in GnB?! I hope it’s there semi-permanently? Hahaahh can we have random photoshoots in it? Anyway, cosplayers and Halloween costumers could enter their contest and win some loot for dressing up!

I didn’t since I was running around that day but ahhh, it looked so cool.

So festive!

The shop felt bigger and the layout’s easy to walk too. Anyway, so festive!

I’ll be visiting again during my regular pickup of comics.

It’s second floor at Kitchener Complex, really a walk out of the Lavender MRT station.

Illustration Arts Fest 2016

Off to Illustration Arts Fest 2016! It’s the first time happening too and for a premiering event, it seemed rather popular.

Global Beards and then Jo and Max

I was there to visit my friends and look see stuff.


I got a Milo Dinosaur postcard. The picture can’t capture the actual texture of the paper because WOAHHHH it is really nice.

Also that Merely Ice Cream is Milo fudge cake.

I couldn’t find a Milo dinosaur there to take a pic with this but they did have an ice cream booth at the fest instead.


Live drawing and there were panel workshops happening in La Salle too.


I bought a pin from a local designer and some other things but oh!! I purchased a comic called Mean Girls Club from the Nobrow booth, they came all the way from London and I’m like ahhh at the quality of their books.

The paper, the colours and everything was different!

The landscape

It’s pretty fun seeing the different styles of prints, lithographs, letterpress and paintings of the various artists and designers at the fest.

Plus it felt organized for a first time event, I’m quite impressed.

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