Geekstrux! Trucking their way to success…?

Geekstrux! They’re one of my quietest/shyest groups for N.E.mation! 11 So I wanted you guys to know about them first.

Their schedule

This was their schedule but right now they’ve been there in production, doing their work in over time because they’re a bit behind schedule.

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I believe they will complete it by the end of three weeks though!

Check it out

Consisting of four members from Crescent Girls’ School… Maelynn, Wan Ting, Chloe and Harinika, they’re the first in the competition to use CrazyTalk Animator 3.

And yes that means all their animation is 2d and illustrator by them.

Week one was them doing the assets for the characters and week two was to animate the scenes. AND WEEK 3 TO FINISH EVERYTHING UP! AHHHHH.

In the darkness

And is really is like this.

In the darkness, they concentrate on animating their scenes bit by bit. Each member having their own parts to play.

In their quietness though, they’ve made friends from other teams.

You should check their instagram: (PLEASE FOLLOW!!)

It has a lot of snacks they received from other groups. Anyway, I’ll catch up with them in week 3 to see how their production goes. For everyone else, I’m not showing exactly what they’re doing yet but I will say their art style is very cute.

Don’t forget to follow Geekstrux on their instagram! They need your support.

Well all my teams do but YEAH COME, go click follow on their instagram first. Is ok. Just go click.

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